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Posted: 08.16.2001
My first "rant"
My first "rant" in my new blog...buckle up! Earlier this summer, someone who knew about our long infertility-struggles claimed to be well-meaning by telling me news of her pregnancy, that she was "sure" my time would come soon, and (the kicker and reason behind this rant) that "God blesses those who are ready and deserving". I am a Christian and I fully believe in God's will and timing for things, but that's stuck with me for quite awhile. It didn't sit right then, and it doesn't sit right now. Especially with this dad about to be convicted of murder locally. He threw his four-week old infant daughter up against a dresser because she dared spit up on him. Then he wouldn't let the mom seek medical attention for the baby because he was afraid he might get in trouble. (Ya' think?) The baby soon died... Right after that story on tonight's news, there was one about a crack mother that had her four kids removed from the home because there was urine and feces everywhere and they were malnourished. I suppose they were both "ready and deserving", too? Grumble...grumble... <rant mode /off>


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