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I heard that you were feeling ill...
Just a quick note that if you're waiting on e-mail from me, or work from me, it could take awhile this weekend. I'm sick as a dog right now and can barely sit upright. Of course, it doesn't hurt that my favorite nurse gets to be home with me -- so I can't complain too much. Enjoy the weekend everyone!
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It's in the photograph


Robbie just e-mailed us this photo he took while in Salt Lake City visiting his brother. I think the image just about says it all...
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Just watch your mouth, or I'll sit on you
     "You’re going to be on the New York Times best-seller list, slugging it out against Hillary Clinton," [Diane] Sawyer commented, according to the Good Morning America official transcript.
     "I hope so," replied [Ann] Coulter.
     "Who is going to win?"
     "I think she has a three-to-one pound advantage over me," said Coulter, “but we’ll see."
     "Three to one pound?" asked the normally unflappable Sawyer. "Did you say what I think you said?"

As if I didn't think the woman is off her rocker as it is... It's one thing to make your career out of being a bitch in the political arena. It's quite another to stoop to that personal level on national TV. Apparently Coulter is going to appear on "The View" today. I normally don't watch that show, but the fireworks just might be worth it if Star Jones goes after her!
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The chicken dance
Jason Alexander has been fired as the KFC spokesman. Sure, sure it's most likely because he pressured them to be more ethical with the raising and killing of their chickens... But I can guarantee you I'll be buying one of their products before I'll be watching another one of his! Good riddance.

UPDATE: KFC has confirmed the story, and denies PETA's involvement in the outcome.
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If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy...
This has to be one of the most amusing things I've seen in a long, long time...the female dress code at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. Keep clicking the "next slide" link at the top for examples with mannequins that demonstrate what is modest and immodest.

I lived at Oklahoma Baptist University for a summer session during high school, and we didn't have a dress code like that! Even my high school (without air conditioning, mind you) wouldn't allow us to wear shorts -- hey, it was the buckle of the Bible Belt in Oklahoma -- but we could wear capri pants and mini skirts. One of the main rules seems to be that dresses and skirts cover the knees. I would like to personally invite the Dean to come shopping with me as a 5'10" woman when shorter skirts are in fashion. What hits your knees, hits my thighs. Unless of course I buy a size 16 so it hangs on my lower hips instead of around my waistline...and we can't have ass-crack showing, now can we? That might lead others into temptation.

Whoo boy! I'm all for dressing professional and not Aguilera. Especially at a religious institution. But c'mon... (Link courtesy of FARK.com.)
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Diamonds are a girl's best friend
Ok, here is something I don't get... Why do people insist on packing jewelry in their luggage when they fly? You hear stories of people losing it all the time. Do they honestly expect bag handlers to hold their bags with white gloves, gingerly placing them on bubble-wrap covered conveyor belts? Rapper Lil' Kim had $250,000 worth of jewels stolen from her luggage at NYC's JFK Airport last Friday. The jewelry stolen included a "white and yellow diamond-encrusted gold necklace with a crowned 'B', and platinum dog tags filled with yellow diamonds". I wouldn't put costume jewelry in my bags for fear it would be mistaken -- much less a quarter-mil worth of it! If you're that stupid, you pretty much deserve what you get in my opinion. Sorry, but I just do not feel sorry for you dearie... I feel sorry for your insurance company.

UPDATE: There's an update to this story left in my comments.
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Whoomp! There it is...
We're watching a cool show on the History Channel right now -- "Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked". I wish they'd offered a class like this back when I was in college...

Which also brings me to, a brand new group 'comic blog' that Michele just launched called Four Color Hell. "Simply, this is a blog about comics. Reviews, essays, rants and raves, industry news - anything at all to do with comics." So there you have it!
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Once bitten, twice shy
I just found this link on FARK, and I don't know which cracked me up more -- the story itself -- or the cartoon that went along with it.

And because I haven't done this in awhile...now...your moment of zen.
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Useless trivia for $500, Alex
It's been a busy morning around here. Did a little work. Caught up on e-mail (can you say massively behind...sure I knew you could). Updated sooner-born.com for the first time in ages. Cured cancer. Saved the world. All that before 2 p.m. Can I get a woo-woo?
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Welcome to Der Weinerschnitzel, may I take your order please?
Drive-in Speaker: Hello and welcome to KFC! Today we're featuring blah blah blah. Please proceed with your order when you're ready.

The Mister: Hi. I'd like a number three combo with mashed potatoes and gravy and a Pepsi, and a large macaroni and cheese as well.

<insert dramatic pause>

The Mister: Hello?

<even more dramatic pause>

Drive-in Speaker (now with a different voice): Hello. Sorry about that. Please order when you're ready...

Whatever genius thought up those stupid Taco Bell / Pizza Hut / KFC speaker recordings with an order-taker that really isn't should be shot. You never know when you have a real person on the other end anymore. And 'please proceed with your order' only means when you can get their attention and they put down that issue of Maxim they have stashed in the back.
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Title town
Congrats to the Tampa Bay Storm on winning the AFL Arena Bowl Championship in Tampa today, 43-29. It's the team's fifth -- an AFL record. Not bad...Tampa Bay gets an NFL and AFL championship in the same year... Now
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