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Posted: 05.04.2003
I r coach

Itís been a long time since any of us was naive enough to believe that coaches, as a group, are legitimate tutors of ethics in undergraduates. Only a handful of them meet the old expectation of coach-as-teacher and model for manly behavior anymore — Bob Stoops of Oklahoma comes to mind — and you can argue over whether many of them ever did. [quote from MSNBC.com]

Only ....

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

First off, I am ashamed to admit I live in the same state as Larry Eustache. While he is the kind of guy you'd like to have at a party, he is NOT the kind of guy you'd want to coach your 18-22 year old son.

Secondly, of course Bobby Stoops is one to be admired. Where do you think he learned to be such a coach? I believe it was from his college coach while he was right here in Iowa, Hayden Fry.

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When you see the old "class photo" of Hayden Fry's group, it's amazing to think of all the talent gathered in that one snapshot in time!

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Speaking of OU coaches I saw Chuck Long (pretty sure it was him, anyway) at the Denver airport. Maybe stealing a little more Colorado talent from Gary Barnett?

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I have been to the Texas/OU game for 20 straight years and Bob Stoops is the first sooner I wish was on my team. We have Mack. Great recruiter, not much coaching ability. Despite moving to Virginia from my beloved Austin last July, I will be there again this year as I was last year. HOOK 'EM HORNS!

[Admin note from Robyn: No hooking allowed in my blog. Ever. Sorry.]

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I have heard rumors of a magical place on the internet where it's always college football season....

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To be honest, I don't think Eustachy or Price were the worst influence on kids at their respective former universities. There's certainly trouble aplenty to find at any major university and the students are invariably going to find it regardless of the coach. I don't think the issue is one of morals around "children" (who are really just young adults) it's one of morals in the workplace and bringing bad PR to your employer.

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