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Posted: 04.16.2003
A quick follow-up to this entry: dave takes the 5000th comment for 2003 with this comment last night! At least I'm not the only one who never shuts up...

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

And there I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I'll get my 1000th comment *ever* on my birthday (mid-June btw). 310 to go :(

¤ ¤ credit: Richy C. | 04.16.03 at 12:52 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

Whoa. On behalf of our producers Kathleen Glynn and Michael Donovan from Canada,
I'd like to thank the Academy for this.
I have invited my fellow documentary nominees on the stage with us, and we would like to they're here in solidarity with me because we like nonfiction. We like nonfiction and we live in fictitious times. We live in the time where we have fictitious election results that elects a fictitious president. We live in a time where we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons. Whether it's the fictition of duct tape or fictition of orange alerts we are against this war, Mr. Bush. Shame on you, Mr. Bush, shame on you. And any time you got the Pope and the Dixie Chicks against you, your time is up.
Thank you very much.

Oh wait...wrong acceptance speech.



Thanks for putting all that cool stuff out there for me to comment on, Robyn. You've helped pass lots of boring days at the office. Keep up the good work.

¤ ¤ credit: dave | 04.16.03 at 02:02 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

I still say you're passing out crack behind the scenes to encourage comments. I would like to know why my crack for commenting hasn't been delivered yet...

¤ ¤ credit: Christine | 04.16.03 at 02:48 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

Sorry 'bout that -- my last supplier turned off their pager!

¤ ¤ credit: robyn | 04.16.03 at 02:57 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

Who needs crack? It's the boobies and penusii that keeps us all coming back and commenting.

¤ ¤ credit: Dave | 04.16.03 at 04:39 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

That so made the top of the main page!

¤ ¤ credit: robyn | 04.16.03 at 04:54 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

hope you feel better soon, robyn. :-)

¤ ¤ credit: dawn | 04.16.03 at 08:48 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

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