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Posted: 02.08.2003
I fought the law and the law won
Whew -- glad my student loans have been paid off. Off to nag my husband about his... Kidding! But U.S. Marshals? Yipes!

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

"Operation Anaconda Squeeze"???

I'm guessing this is a result of the same kind of minds that brought us "Operation Check It Out" in Clearwater where the Clearwater PD expended manpower to go collect overdue library books. Ok, so I made up the operation name, but they really did arrest several people with overdue books.

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Yoiks. I still have to finish paying mine off, I hope the canadian government doesn't get any ideas.

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Can you imagine?! -- NOT paying for loans that you purposely signed up for, and promised not to default? How did they think they wouldn't be found? As for the whole US Marshals idea, that's just genius! I'd be scared to death if one showed up at my door!

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*yikes* Now where did I put those bills??! ;) J/K!! I do have student loans... but I definitely don't want anyone showing up at my doorstep with an arrest warrant! jeez!

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Always fill out the forms...

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I find it interesting that they could be arrested yet "charges could not be filed". Why were they arrested in the first place if they couldn't' file charges?

Welcome to the police state

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