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So tip up your cup and throw your hands up...
We're out of here in a bit to run errands, and then head over to Lakeland later tonight for dinner and fun at Stacy and Daniel's. Don't do anything I wouldn't do tonight! (Which means you can get away with just about anything. Well, almost...) And don't forget to "spring forward" with your clocks.
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Center for kids who can't read very good
So we rented Zoolander tonight. I'll start off by saying that I wanted to hate it, and I refused to see it in the theater. But we caught ourselves busting out laughing all the way through (and might I add that no alcohol was involved in the making of this DVD review). They had me at the "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" gasoline fight. Throw in a few Finnish dwarfs, and Todd was hooked, too. And any movie with Gwen and Gavin has my vote. You'll have to be in a silly frame of mind before you pick up a copy, but if you are, definite two-thumbs-up from us. Did you see it and hate it? Wanna have a walk-off?
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She's running out again

I don't care if it hurts
I want to have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul
I want you to notice
When I'm not around
You're so fuckin' special
I wish I was special

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here.....

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I will hug it and squeeze it and call it George
Figures that I finally get my blog back and I don't have any time to really post here or there. I have a feeling I'm going to be mumbling "allow comments...convert line breaks..." in my sleep here in a bit between moving five blogs to a new server last weekend, and helping Christine with the Blogomania migration this week. I'm also falling very far behind on my "reads" list. So don't think I don't love you... I should be back to my regular self, oh say, by Saturday night when we get ripped with Stacy and Daniel!
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Go Robyn! Go Robyn! It's your birthday!
WAHHHHHHHHHHHH freakin' HOOOOOOOOOOOO! I have a blog! I'm so overjoyed, I just may have to hug the monitor. Let me have a "moment" and I'll get back to you...

P.S. Don't forget to check for me at "Blogaholics Anonymous" for the next few days. We're moving servers and you know how funky DNS redirects can get. I'll be doing most of my blogging there until the server move is complete, because anything posted here most likely won't make the move.
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Love is in the air
Hey Christine -- Roger on Tech TV's "Call For Help" is using match.com to try and find love online. Now's your chance!
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The Mayor of Simpleton
So let me get this straight... You elect a stripper as your mayor, but then you're appalled when she (*gasp*) bares her breasts in a bar? Shocking.
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And in other news...
From MSNBC.com: It appears there is now a petition online (with over 50,000 signatures) to get September 11th declared as a national holiday. [editorial mode on] This could be just me, and I might get flamed for saying it, but I think you should have every body accounted for and buried before you rush off declaring national holidays. Not to say there isn't a place in our calendar, or our history books, for such a holiday. I just think the timing is rushed when we haven't even celebrated the first anniversary of the event yet. [editorial mode /off]
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My my, how can I resist you?
How on EARTH did I miss this? There's an entire musical devoted to ABBA songs, and it's coming to Tampa Bay. As a child, I loved ABBA. There, I said it. And in college, it was often the CD of choice to accompany 'tasty beverages' at "The Farm". Then Erasure's ABBA-esque CD took it to a whole 'nuther level. (Even Todd is a closet-fan of that one!) So now there's a musical? I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. Has anyone out there caught the show yet?
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Bribery will get you everywhere!
Todd's cousin Susan rocks! If you're not reading her new blog yet, start. Now. But here's the reason for this entry. When I realized I was facing a multi-server and multi-blog move this weekend, I joked to everyone not to give me any shit about it. I told them all to speak quietly, not complain, and toss lots of chocolate in my general direction... So what does Susan go and do? Well just take a look. Yes, she got that big honkin' box of candy across the country from Seattle to Tampa Bay from Friday to Monday! I may end up being 700 lbs. at Gnomedex now, but I'm gonna have lots of fun getting there! Thanks Susan!
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Your call is important to us - please continue to hold
If I owe you e-mail, I want to apologize! Normally I'm bad about writing back anyway...but this weekend it got more backed up around here than Malfunction Junction on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. Over the weekend, in my spare time, I moved five domains - and five blogs - to a new server. I also had to do all the last-minute stuff with the April Fool's Project (THANK YOU to everyone who participated). Then today, Todd was home...I was blogging in four places (plus Todd's for Jamese so really five)...and my WM! monthlies needed to get up online. Sooooooo, tomorrow is "reply to e-mail" day. I promise. Maybe.
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Costa Rica, cha cha cha
The "Destination Wedding of the Month" for April 2002 is up now, as well. They were married at the La Mariposa Hotel in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.
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Dress of the Month
In case you've been waiting not-so-patiently...here is the April 2002 (Wedding) Dress of the Month!
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Will the real 'Slim Shady' please stand up?
Whew, that was fun -- happy April Fool's everyone! Finally, it's Robyn doing the typing once more... I'll let each of my Fools for the day "out" themselves. What? You don't think I'd have just one, do you? Thanks for a most-amusing day! Several entries caused snort-laughs, that's for sure! And my mom to panic that my hair really was blue...priceless.
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My Idol (April Fool's)
Thanks to Martha Stewart, I finally know how to make the perfect ice cube.
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There's a snake in the toilet! (April Fool's)
If I wasn't using Moveable Type I'd be using:


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Don't you, forget about me (April Fool's)
Ladies and gents, since I am the one true pantie blog I have decided to start up a gallery of girlies in panties. No, scratch that, too mundane and similar to the rack project. On second thoughts I want pictures of guys in panties for my gallery. That is all, thankyou.
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Monday Mission 2.13 (April Fool's)
From PromoGuy:

1. When was the last time you wanted someone to take you seriously but they just humored you?
It was my husband Todd. I told him "I love you", and I was totally serious about it, but he kinda brushed me off with a "Yeah, whatever... I love you too".

2. If you were going to get a vanity license plate for your car, what would it say? (Or if you already have one, what does it say?)
It really doesn't matter, because my car is up on blocks in the front yard.

3. What was written in the sweetest love note you were ever given? What's the story there?
It was the lyrics to the Backstreet Boys song As Long As You Love Me, because Todd knows what a huge fan of them I am. He's such a charmer!

4. What is your ethnic background?
Mostly Irish, with some German, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Mongolian, Greek, and Martian thrown in there.

5. What, if any, is your personal exercise routine?
Every 30 minutes or so, I get up from my computer chair to get another beer from the fridge. And then I do as many sets of 12 oz curls that I can.

6. Have you ever had any "one night stands?" How did that come about and how did you feel the next day?
Only the ones I paid for. The next day, I'd feel sorta bad, but then I'd feel better by swiping the towels from whatever Motel we were at.

7. What is your fondest Easter memory?
I don't really celebrate Easter, since I've been a Buddhist my entire life.

BONUS: Who am I to disagree?
I'm not sure, but I'd love to have sex with you.
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In Love with The Wolf (April Fool's)
Watched the movie Pulp Fiction again last night. I have to say this - Harvey Keitel is such a hottie! The way he carries himself... his screen presence. He's just so sexy! I could watch that scene over and over, and never get tired of it.
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Divorce! Divorce! Divorce! (April Fool's)
The friendship is over! I knew Todd was seeing Colin Powell behind my back, but Christine too?!
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Super Kirin Kirin Robyn! (April Fool's)
At Todd's insistence, due to his love of Japanese anime movies I have made a slight adjustment to my hair color. I also have to talk very fast and open my eyes very wide whenever I can to keep him happy. In return he's promised to let me court Chris whenever I feel like it.
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In Local News... (April Fool's)
Man Bitten By Radioactive Sloth Does The Lying-Around-All-Day Of 10 Normal Men
CENTRAL CITY—Laboratory assistant Brent Barker, bitten by a radioactive sloth last week in a freak lab accident, now possesses the relative loafing powers of 10 men. "Could someone pass me some more crackers?" asked the media-dubbed "Crimson Lump," speaking from his titanium sofa, the only known object that can withstand his superhuman lethargy. "I can't reach them from here." Scientists are likewise baffled at Barker's uncanny ability to remain motionless while watching amounts of television that would kill an ordinary mortal. (story stolen from this week's Onion)
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Not meant to be
I don't even think a force of nature could have stopped the Lady UConn Huskies from their perfect season this year. It was an honor to share the court with them! Congrats to the Sooner women -- we're proud of you!
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Fuh fuh fuh foolin'
Don't forget...things may get a little crazy around here tomorrow!
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And...I'm spent
Finished moving all of the blogs we host on the new server. So go visit Nikki, Joy, and Jana. They've all been without since Thursday, too -- so everyone's patience is much-appreciated!
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If your DNS information has updated, you can finally see Todd and Susan's blogs again! I'm in the process of setting up and exporting everyone else's that we host...so please be patient. We're almost there!
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"I'll have the salad"
I just put up a most-excellent recipe for Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing over at "The Red Kitchen", if you are so inclined.
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Hippety hoppety Easter's on its way
To those who celebrate, I hope you have a very happy Easter Sunday!
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It's in the photograph
We goofed off with the digital camera again before the watch party tonight...enjoy!
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