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Posted: 04.02.2002
Your call is important to us - please continue to hold
If I owe you e-mail, I want to apologize! Normally I'm bad about writing back anyway...but this weekend it got more backed up around here than Malfunction Junction on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. Over the weekend, in my spare time, I moved five domains - and five blogs - to a new server. I also had to do all the last-minute stuff with the April Fool's Project (THANK YOU to everyone who participated). Then today, Todd was home...I was blogging in four places (plus Todd's for Jamese so really five)...and my WM! monthlies needed to get up online. Sooooooo, tomorrow is "reply to e-mail" day. I promise. Maybe.

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

you wicked wicked girl lol.. I was genuinely worried about people getting hacked lmao.. I was even going to make a post about how it's a federal offense.. I'm so gullible.. ANYway.. I love the WM site.. so awesome!

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do you ever have free time? Have a fun time answering e-mails!

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