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Bring it on!
Todd just let me in on the next t-shirt I must figure out how to acquire for my massive sports-related collection:

It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine...
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Boomer Sooner
It's 9:22 p.m. EST and texas still sucks! Boomer Sooner -- beat the helloutta texas! (Live on an ESPN station near you...)

UPDATE: OU WINS by a score of 96-78 -- making us 7-0 in our last 7 meetings with the 'whorns, and 22-4 on the season!
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Here's to good friends, tonight is kinda special
Well that's what I get for feeling sorry for myself! I was just on the phone with Christine whining about a SSDI-review-mandated medical exam coming up on the 28th (that they gave me less than a week's notice for). I've been feeling like pink-streaked death the last few weeks anyway, and know the concert tomorrow is pretty much going to level my arse for a few days afterwards. So being nice and cordial to a reviewer that doesn't care a thing about me but holds my fate in their hands wasn't exactly in the recovery plan.

But! My best friend from college just e-mailed and said he wants to fly in the same day as my review. We haven't seen him in a couple of years now. I'm so excited! And since he used to do tag-team ER duty with Todd back in Norman, he knows my limits. Finally -- a week we can look forward to instead of dread. Bring on Weezer!
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Say hello to iMac
These Pixar commercials for the iMac are courtesy of Meryland. The animation is so cute -- I want a new iMac now, tooooo!
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Every breath you take
Poor Todd is out at the grocery store getting dinner and wasn't home to see that Megan Morrone has a blog now. I may never see him again on evenings and weekends!
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Truth or Dare
I just got sent the following as "Wholly Matrimony!" owner. Not sure if it's legit, but the contact info looks on the up-and-up so I thought I'd pass it along. Let me know if you're interested and/or want the phone number. Sounds rather cheezy, but if I lived in southern Cal I might be able to lower myself for $50K.

"I am a Talent Producer working on a new NBC primetime project called 'Truth or Dare'. Looking for COUPLES in the Southern California area that have been dating for more than a year OR married for less than 2 years.

The Truths are basically personal, politically incorrect and confrontational in nature and the Dares are in line with 'Fear Factor'...but only those done in a studio and not as gross or as scary.

We are paying pretty well for the pilot ($500 per couple and $1000 to the winning team, plus extra cash for each Dare) and of course a guarantee to be on the series, which will give away $50,000 to the winning couple."
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Lying on the floor, I've come undone
I just added a new sweater girl skin to the site since the =w=eezer concert is this weekend. Go ahead and knock yourself out!
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So ghetto!
Need to buy a child's toy quick and have no idea where to start? How about buying a Ghetto Kids Doll? Gone are the days of the Cabbage Patch. Biographies on these boxes have included parents who were drug addicts, parents who abandoned their kid and parents that even sold their children. Little girls can choose between dolls such as San Juan Carmen, Confederate Tammy and East L.A. Lupe. "Creators hope information on their website, including a cartoon series, will spur parents to talk to kids about such topics as smoking, guns and teen-age pregnancy," according to MSNBC.com.

"So how was your playdate today Sally? Sit down for a second. Mommy wants to talk to you about teenage crackheads who get knocked up and sell their daughters for guns and cigarettes because they weren't good little girls..." Oooh boy. They really just write themselves sometimes, don't they?
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Fire up that Google indexing
This is a drinking game we used to play all of the time in college -- "what's the best porn title you can spin off an actual move title?" Well if you're just not feeling up to the challenge, now you don't have to put your thinking cap on -- this site has a list of them for you. Personal faves off the 'A' list? "Ass Ventura II - Pet the Detective", "A Rear and Pleasant Danger" and "Ass a Blanca". But c'mon -- you can all do better than that! I have faith in you. (Link snagged from Daypop again.)
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My inner-bride
Did anyone happen to catch the costume worn by Canadian ladies figure skater Jennifer Robinson? I'll post a pic when I find it online, but it reminded me a lot of my wedding gown. Two thumbs up! Too bad she fell on her arse...
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It's Miller time!
Proving once again he's the ski god I believe him to be, Bode Miller came back from seventh place after his first run to capture the silver today in the men's giant slalom. He's the first U.S. male athlete to ever medal in this event. Ahhhh, who in the hell am I kidding? I just want an excuse to put his adorible smiling face up in my blog so I can look at it wistfully and sigh!

[Miller time!]

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Jell-O Shots
So if you thought all those promises of Blah Blah Blog vs. Ain't too proud to blog in a pit of lime Jell-O were just a bunch of hooey, I suggest you drop on by D's place today! I'm always a woman of my word...
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And in other news...
Microsoft music, movie player collects log of users’ entertainment:

"Microsoft’s new version of its popular Media Player software is logging the songs and movies that customers play. The company said Wednesday it was changing its privacy statement to notify customers about the technology after inquiries from The Associated Press. The system creates a list on each computer that could be a treasure for marketing companies, lawyers or others. Microsoft says it has no plans to sell the data collected by Media Player 8, which comes free with the Windows XP operating system."

If you’re watching DVDs you don’t want your wife to know about, you might not want to give her your password,” said David Caulton, Microsoft’s lead program manager for Windows Media.

So let that be a lesson to ya'!
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Say it ain't so
Another one bites the dust... "Popular online search engine maker Google Inc. is introducing a new program that allows Web sites to be displayed more prominently by paying more money - an advertising-driven system derided by critics as an invitation to deceptive business practices."

I guess when it comes right down to it, they need to make money just like everyone else, but one of the main reasons I switched to Google over Yahoo! was the absense of "in your face" and "pay by category" advertising. Sigh. (AP Link snagged from Daypop.)
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Pigs in spaaaaace
Well it looks like Boyz 2 Blogs had better hurry up and set up a PayPal account if they want to beat 'NSYNC in the space race! "Teen idol Lance Bass, a singer for pop group 'NSYNC, is in talks with Russian officials for a trip to outer space that would open a new frontier for popular entertainment and send him where no other boy band has gone before...The $25 million deal would include the right to film the 22-year-old teen idol in space for a television special, possibly including Bass singing, and would be partly funded from advertising deals with big brand sponsors based on planet earth." Ain't no lie. Bye bye bye.
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If a tree falls in the woods...
Todd has penned a most amusing tale of his adventures in the wild today. I helped him out with a small photo essay. In the end, we ended up disposing of not one -- but three -- tall pines threatening our house and fence. Oooh boy, we're tired!
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And they call it puppy love
My husband seems to have his very own fanclub now. Thanks for the "laugh so hard it hurts" site, Christine!
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I just figured out a way to get rid of annoying door-to-door sales people that don't pay attention to the "No Solicitors" vibe... Simply point through the sliding glass door out back to the tree laying over the fence and say, "I'm a little busy right now. Wanna help?" To which they bolt like lightning and leave you be. Maybe I'll just have Todd leave it there... Tee hee!

I'm still riding the high of them asking for my mom when I answered the door though. When I pointed out I was "the lady of the house" they were asking for, one went "Whoa!", and the other went "Girl you look all of 15!" It's the little things.
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Well ok then...
So I'm sitting in the computer room uploading files, and hear this big "crash-boom!" sound. I go into the living room to watch an, oh say, 15-20 foot tall dead pine tree fall right over our fence from the conservation area out back. The miracle of it is, it didn't take the fence down -- it's resting right on top of it. And it missed the fish pond and house by inches. I now have another dead tree to deal with in the yard. (Todd just finished bagging up one he'd cut down from our yard over the weekend.) He will be so pleased. And it's way to heavy for me to move, so with him in class, there I guess it stays for now. I'll upload pics here in a few...

Update: here you go...Todd's next big project... (photo 1, photo 2)
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Virtual curling
Hmmmm...does that title fall under the "things that sound dirty but aren't" category? Look what I found from "The Screen Savers" for you hoopty -- Virtual Curling. Now you can curl away in the privacy of your own home!
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Boyz 2 Blogs in trouble?
Here are three posts, in order, to start (or end) your day with a smile -- all depending on if you're late to bed, or early to rise: number one, number two, number three

And if you have no idea what "Boyz 2 Blogs" even is, visit the official press-release parody that started it all!

If Britney thinks I'm goin' down without a fight -- well then she's been inhaling just a wee too much hairspray!
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Boomer Sooner!
It's 9:19 p.m. EST and texas still sucks! Boomer Sooner -- beat the helloutta texas! (Live on an ESPN station near you...)
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Won't you be my neighbor?
Well here ya' go...18 new photos from our walk around the neighborhood today!
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Where the Smurfs live
Todd snuck out of work early this afternoon. It's another glorious day of Florida weather outside, and I was feeling better than I have in days, so we took a small walk with Claire. (More photos to follow soon...) But this series of photos warranted their own blog entry. I'm happy to report, it appears we've found the owners of this car, and they live just down the road from us... Check out this mailbox (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3)! It even has its own swimming pool!
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This or That Tuesday
Since the calendar says Tuesday, it's time for Ashley's "This or That"!

  1. January or July? Definitely July! Outdoor picnics, beach outings, fireworks, summer lovin'...
  2. Email or letters? E-mail for daily communication, but anyone that knows me well knows the answer to this one! I love nice stationary, embossing my envelopes, and pen correspondence. Thank you's just seem to mean so much more if they're handwritten and you can hold them in your hand.
  3. Milk or orange juice? Orange juice. I hate white milk -- always have! On occasion I will crave chocolate milk, but very rarely.
  4. Brunette or blond? Blonde! Although I've always thought it was up for debate as to whether or not we have more fun.
  5. Digital or film camera? Both. Finally!
  6. Camping or hotel? Hotel! My Gma raised me from an early age to believe that "roughing it" involved staying at Motel 6 and only getting 2 of their skimpy towels. She's right, IMHO!
  7. Pencil or pen? Pen -- script looks so much better in ink.
  8. Rollerblading or roller skating? I never have rollerbladed, but when I was a kid I had my own designer white leather skates with hot pink pom-pons!
  9. Fly or drive? I love to drive and miss it terribly! Before we got engaged, I would take off on cross-country trips by myself often. Nothing like feelin' free on the highway at 75 mph! And quite franklly, after 9-11 I'm still too afraid to fly.
  10. White or black? In clothing? Black. It's fun to get down 'n' dirty. White forces you to be all prim and proper.

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Weenie Babies?
Oh...my...goodness... (Both links thanks to /usr/bin/mike)
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Nothing beats a great pair of L’eggs!
This article is almost beyond believable! Apparently men are now discovering the 'benefits' of pantyhose and are buying pairs for themselves. I'm trying hard not to bust out laughing. Medical reasons and circulatory problems I can see -- but to keep warm? Ever heard of thermals? Do these idiots not yet realize what sort of medieval torture device pantyhose really are? Maybe it's not as bad for them since they're not wearing a skirt and don't have to worry about runs at every turn -- but even when I was 'the perfect size six', I still had to do the wiggle and wriggle routine all women know too well in order to stuff my ass inside of a control-topped pair. And hose in the summer? Whole new level o' fun. Yeah, you just can't beat that sweaty crotch feeling -- no siree!

And now "G. Lieberman & Sons has restructured itself into a manufacturer and online purveyor of pantyhose made exclusively for men, called Comfilon." It got wierd, didn't it? I hope as long as they're wearing them they'll stay out of a skirt. Because unless they plan on shaving their legs, too, ick! I'll still be staying inside, thankyouverymuch.
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You've got the cutest little baby face
Erika did such a GREAT job with the "guess the baby face" game! Todd's photo shouldn't be too hard to figure out, but can you pick out which one is me?
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Happy birthday dear Tara, happy birthday to yoooou!
Happy birthday Tara!

[ Happy Birthday Tara! ]

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I'm blind! Look away!
Ok, this is seriously the most disturbing (yet at the same time hillarious) thing I've seen on Daypop yet...I give to you...W. Girls!
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A sphincter says what?
Have you ever sat there watching a movie and something didn't look quite right? Or something didn't sound quite right? Or perhaps you wondered how in the heck that scene made it past the editors? Well now you have a site to compare notes with -- Movie Mistakes. We play the home game all the time, so now I guess we have another window to launch side-by-side with imdb.com when we toss a movie in the ol' DVD player. (Link thanks to The Screen Savers.)
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More pimpin' and stealin'
Time for the "Call for Help" link of the day: the EVRSOFT HTML Editor, freeware. "A professional HTML editing software which lets you create great websites fast! The visually appealing program comes bundled with over 450+ Javascripts and supports all the latest web languages."
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A whole new meaning to 'to have and to hold'
Because nothing else quite says "this will last forever" like exchanging your vows in a mass wedding in the nude...
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Our local CBS Station is reporting that the Tampa Bay Bucs have just hired Chucky -- Jon Gruden -- as our next head coach! It's a 5-year deal and a press conference is expected this Wednesday. Hallelujah -- all those voodoo dolls did the trick. Now the moral dilemna begins...am I more in love with Chucky or John Lynch... Such a tough call!
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Opera Composed for Mac OS X
I have been really unhappy with IE 5.1 on my Mac, so this was much-welcomed news! "The newest OS X-native beta version of the Opera browser launches faster than any other browser currently available for OS X and renders pages more quickly...Opera did not sacrifice functionality for speed."
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In the blink of a young girl's eye
Erika came up with a really cool twist on a meme this past Friday! She's collecting everyone's kindergarten pics, plus recent pics. Then we can play a game trying to match them all up. Stop by and submit one if you haven't already. We just sent ours in!
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