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Posted: 10.14.2002
I just called...to say...
They just had a fluff-piece about the 49ers during MNF's halftime. One of the players had a camera and snuck in the bathroom, hopped up on a toilet, and filmed another player using the john. Said "number two" player was also on a cell phone. So I asked Todd, "Wonder if he'll get phone calls later tonight asking were you talking to me when you were taking a dump?" Todd laughed, but then said, "I've done it." Things you don't want to know about your husband for $200, Alex. I have never had a conversation be so important that I couldn't wait to call until after I did my business -- or at least make up some sort of excuse to call them right back. So this poll is anonymous. Fess up. Do you talk on the phone when your drawers (or panties) are around your ankles?

And if you answer "yep", please don't call me during it. No. Seriously.

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

Hehe, I've never done that, but I used to get water (from the water dispenser in our fridge) while talking to my best friend because it sounded like I was pissing. The first few times I did it, it freaked her out, but then she just laughed it off.

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I have a good friend who has this tendency to use the bathroom every time we talk on the phone. This wouldn't necessarily both me, but she *announces* it. If she wasn't such a great friend.....

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It just shows you how the telephone tends to control our lives. I read a magazine article about managing your time and it talked about the phone controlling people. Since then I've let the phone just ring a few times. And when I have to go, I play some music and set the handset by the speaker (makeshift music-on-hold). Anything longer than a minute, I call them back.

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i travel a lot for my job and every time there is a phone in the hotel bathroom it grosses me out. just thinking about touching it grosses me out, because it is right behind the toilet.

The people at my work who answer the 800 lines tell me that the masses of people who call in often talk on the phone while they are on the toilet, and these are people talking to a potential employer!

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My husband won't even let me in the bedroom when he is using the bathroom...much less to talk on the phone while "occupied". Thankfully.

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Did you watch the end of the game when Terrell Owens scored the winning TD and whipped a Sharpie from his gear and signed the football before flipping it to a friend in the stands? What is this...the WWF?

I think I might start carrying a sharpie around in my sock, just incase I do something that I am paid or expected to do, by the way, and then I can sign stuff and hand it to nearby people and act all cool about it. After all, isn't Terrell Ownes expected and paid to score? So why does he make such a big deal out of it when he actually does? And who can't score on Shawn Springs anyway? So the next time I change my kids diaper, something my wife very much expects me to do, I might just quickly stand up and sign the old diaper with my sharpie, from my sock, and hand it to my wife before prancing around telling her I am the man. Or the next time I make a web page for my boss, I might quickly run to his office and sign his monitor with my sharpie as he looks it over. Maybe we all should do this. I propose that we do.

The potty seen at halftime was quite nice. If I am not reading your blog on my pocket pc on the head while taking a duke, I am often on the phone myself. My friends always ask if I am doing them....meaning if I am actually talking to them while firing a few out.

I have very little coothe.

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Underwear? I don't wear underwear. Heh.

Seriously, I can't be doing that while on the phone.

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works wonders on telemarketers

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