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Posted: 04.30.2002
Tuesday, afternoon, I'm just beginning to see...
Checking the calendar...yep, it's Tuesday. Time for Ashley's "This or That"!

  1. Which is worse: a driver riding your bumper or someone pulling out in front of you with their car? I'd have to say pulling out in front. Todd doesn't pay attention to the road like he should, and things like that have caused more near-misses... At least if they're on your bumper, you can screw with them repeatedly -- especially if they're penned in. And if they hit you, it's two tickets for following too closely and rear-ending. Not that Todd would know anything about that one...
  2. Can you do 10 push ups? Nope. I was the queen of the "flexed arm hang" and chin-ups on the Presidential Fitness Test -- but I've never been able to do push-ups -- even in my sports days.
  3. Do you bathe/shower in the morning or in the evening (or at all)? Usually either mid-afternoon or late-night. When I worked, it was in the morning though.
  4. Michael or Janet Jackson? Neither.
  5. Which do you enjoy most? Your bedroom or living room? Depends on your definition of enjoy. I'll be dirty-minded and say bedroom.
  6. Bathroom or kitchen? In our old apartment we had a "garden" bathtub that literally went up to my knees (and I'm 5'10") and it was BLISS. I'd take baths that would last almost an hour. Here though, plain ol' boring tub. So I'd have to say kitchen. The one in our house is HUGE and it's the first time we can both be in there together without constantly bumping into one another.
  7. Crayons or markers? CRAYONS!
  8. Leaves falling or flowers blooming? I'd have to pick leaves falling because we never get to see that down here -- flowers bloom year-round.
  9. Fred and Wilma or Barney and Betty? Barney and Betty.
  10. Fame or fortune? Fortune. Who cares about the fame if you've got the money baby?

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

that bathtub sounds devine! I miss baths in which you can fully submerge, these modern short ones just do it for me.

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Just a question out of curiosity, why Betty and Barney?

If you hate the tub you have now, you should try what they call a tub in a 5th wheel camping trailer, it's just larger than a sink. :(
I miss my garden tub from our old house too, they are so heavenly.

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