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Because I haven't accepted it's not time for Saturday foosball yet
"The Sooners defense is fast, tough and mean. First they tackle you. then they humiliate you. Then they go after your credit rating." —College Football News
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Are my 15 minutes up yet?
I just spent the last 10 minutes being photographed by an AP photographer. Kinda surreal. A blogging article, separate from this one, should be running this coming Monday in papers. If anyone happens to catch it online or in print, please give me the heads-up. It depends on which papers choose to run it as to where it will appear.

Thanks! -R

UPDATE: Here's the article, sans photo -- and my commentary on it. Annessa gets featured in this article, too!
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Every (toilet) rose has its thorn
This one is just for Mikey...who I also need to wish a very belated happy birthday...

[Please right-click image or this link to save, go here for lyrics]
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Postcards from the edge
Spotted over at Blogdex: web design postcards. "Look through these postcards for coding, design and content tips for your own sites, and if one of the sites you visit regularly doesn’t measure up, why not show them you care by emailing them the URL of an applicable card?"

I break this rule. Often. So sue me. I likes it how I likes it...
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Man's best friend
We saw this story on the local news last night, and both took turns hugging Claire repeatedly. A dog (now) named Quentin was put in a Missouri gas chamber to be euthanized with other unwanted/unclaimed dogs, but when the door was opened following the gas, it stood there very much alive. Because of the divine intervention, the dog has now been taken to a local no-kill shelter, is doing just fine, and has several people wanting to adopt it. Please -- spay or neuter your pets if you haven't already. Little Quentin was very much the lucky one in this daily scenario repeated all over the country. Unfortunately not all shelters are no-kill.
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Banned in the U.S.A.
I recently learned that my blog has been blocked by the Florida Seminole County Government. My mission here is complete.
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Hey, hey - Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay bloggers are too cool for school... I'm the second paragraph in this related article -- and get a mention about half-way through it as well. So does Jen.

Whoo whoo. (Article Section 1, Article Section 2)
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Are you pumped? I can't hear you!
Today is "Meet the Sooners Day" and tonight is OU's first practice. It has begun. Oh yes, it has begun.

UPDATE: Glad I'm not standing in these lines in 104° weather!
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Let them eat cake!
Looks like traditional tuxes were chosen for last week's "Today Throws a Wedding".

This week is the fun part. The cake! Tough choices, but my vote went to #1. In different colors, it's exactly how our back-home reception cake should have looked...but so did not... (This was our actual wedding cake in New Orleans from a French pastry shop. Fresh strawberry filling and white chocolate flowers.)

Ok, now I'm hungry. Did anyone check out my t-shirt in those pics, btw?
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New blog smell
Just got a new Sekimori Design launched and finally off of Blogspot yesterday -- danieldrezner.com.

Stop by for a look-see when you get a chance. And thanks again, Daniel! -Robyn
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But I want is to be left alone in my average home
Is blogging changing? I noticed Erika is thinking of going passworded. Jen also adds her 2¢ on the issue. I've received several e-mails lately asking about passwording (how I do it, do I regret it, would I recommend it, etc.) The answers, in order, are with cookie-password protection in php - absolutely not - most definitely 'yes!'.

Do you have a passworded blog? If not, have you thought of starting one? As blogging continues to grow more and more in popularity, I fully expect to see the number of locked-journals increase. "Words are weapons - sharper than knives." And they can, and will, be used against you. Sometimes even by people you know well and believe in. Trust me on this. When even the anonymous bloggers start to have spin-off passworded sites now, it's time to sit down and re-examine the medium and how much you share is too much, and just when to share it, IMHO.

Because I seriously doubt I'll share my politics - or our misfortunes - here again.
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Hey, Mr. Postman!
Huge thanks go out to Quinn -- I just opened up the front door to find No Doubt's "Return of Saturn" -and- "The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers" by Scott Kelby. The book is something I've long-lusted for after seeing it recommended at Dawn's -- it's very much going to come in handy. And I lost my copy of that CD awhile back, so I'm very happy to have it back in my greedy little hands. I was glad to help -- but random acts of kindness like this just make my day. THANK YOU!
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Gonna dress you up in my love
The August 2003 (wedding) "Dress of the Month" is now up!
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The stars at night are big and bright
Amazing how a one-night bender during a supposed break-up could keep most of us fed and housed for months on end.

At least FARK is there to help us put it all in perspective!
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Dude, where's my General Lee?
You have GOT to be kidding me... Ashton Kutcher is remaking "The Dukes of Hazzard" movie-style. (He'll play Luke Duke and Paul Walker will play Bo Duke.) But who has Ashton handed the part of Daisy Duke over to, you might ask? None other than Britney Spears. Give me a break. I'd put Shannon Elizabeth in that role long before the teen queen. Who would you cast in the role(s)?

UPDATE: Jen has blogged about this, too!
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Bum bum bah bah
Monday Night Football is back. John Madden...is even fatter, and presumably more senile, this season. Lisa Guerrero...is not as hot as Melissa Stark. And the Football Hall of Fame building looks like a giant OJ juicer. But, c'mon let's hit it!
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My "I don't have to run" day
Robbie's coming back down for another overnight-stay today, so things will be more quiet than usual. Please stay tuned for your regularly scheduled programming (and enjoy what's left of the weekend)!
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