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Posted: 09.15.2003
Confirmations...cha cha cha
I've extended the blogger charity applications deadline until this Saturday, September 20th. So far Solonor and Zuly have three final confirmations vying for the $359 purse. If you would like your cause or charity officially considered -- or know of someone that would -- please contact one of us ASAP! Here are the three confirmed thus far, soon up for vote:

  1. helpkat.com
  2. Operation Santa Claus 2003
  3. National Brain Tumor Foundation
Just over two weeks to go until the Boobie-Thon kicks off on 10/1!

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

okay ive been a lazy ass and havent read your blog in like 4 months...OMG I CANT BELIEVE YOUR PREGNANT!! CONGRATS!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!! :-) i just read about it today in your archives, that is so wonderful robyn!

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Robyn, I'd like to clarify that I am not collecting for the Angel Adventure, but just for the National Brain Tumor Foundation (who runs the yearly Angel Adventure, which took place this past June).


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All updated -- thanks Courtney!

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