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Posted: 09.04.2003
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'...
Twelve years ago, I entered the University of Oklahoma. Twelve years. Since then three classes of freshman have come and gone. Now I find out the new class of entering freshman were born in 1985. Bert and Ernie are old enough to be their two dads. And CNN has a new article on the cultural gap between students and professors. You can find the full list here -- but make sure to take your Geritol and a Darvocet first.

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

As a person that was born in 1985 (and waiting until spring to start collage) I don't know if the differences are really that big. I live in a close family and we do a ton of stuff together. I may be "weird" (most likely), however I don't think I'm that far from the beaten path.

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Peeps are not a candy, they are your friends. (I love that one.) :)

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Peeps, candy? or People? no way! Peeps is a fantastic movie: Lord of the Peeps

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My sister is a High School Music teacher. She plays a variation of "Name That Tune" with her students sometimes. She played "Yankee Doodle" for them on her piccolo and the kids only knew it as the "Barney" song.

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I was born in 1984 and I'm a sophomore... Not to make you feel old or anything. :)

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I still feel the same way I did went I entered the University a few years ago. Yes, my life has changed a lot, I;ve changed a lot, but I think the essence is always the same. Anyway, it's hard to realize that the time does fly.

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to put things in perspective for us geeks, dear tricia was born the same year that Return of the Jedi came out.

shit, i was a sophomore in high school when she was born.

i was still a virgin then, too.

i hadn't smoked pot yet, either.

damn, i'm old. tricia, you suck.

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