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Posted: 05.23.2003
But do freedom fighters swallow?
We were driving into Tampa tonight and couldn't resist capturing this moment for everyone -- ahhhh life on the Redneck Riviera:

[TerrorisTs SUCK] [almost forgot the o there]

Now I'm not sure which is more amusing... The fact the guy took a permanent marker to his car's paint. The fact he didn't first look up the spelling of the very thing he was trying to exclaim sucked (almost forgot the "o" there, buddy). Or the fact that even though driving an American-flag waving vehicle on Memorial Day weekend, he took the time to slam on his brakes and flip off a POW-Purple Heart Veteran plated car (that had accidentally cut him off earlier) when the driver of that car turned off the main road. It was most amusing all around.

And last but not least...this photo was taken just for Yvonne. Mmmmm...

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

look how blonde you are! someone's obviously had a little more sunshine than we have.

¤ ¤ credit: tanya | 05.23.03 at 11:08 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

That's pretty much my real, natural color now -- finally got all the red and pink out. :-)

¤ ¤ credit: robyn | 05.23.03 at 11:10 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

we've got people here in The Third Ring Of Hell (aka ohio) who paint their entire cars with the red white & blue ... very, VERY poorly.

but nothing like what you caught on film - yet.

¤ ¤ credit: sledge | 05.23.03 at 11:10 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

Ok, just for those as dumb as me, he was trying to write "Terrorists Suck."

It literally took me at least a minute to figure it out, with his two capital T's and a tiny O.

¤ ¤ credit: Etan | 05.23.03 at 11:13 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

Yep, that's what he was trying to say. He kinda forgot the "o" -- it was an afterthought. You had to be on his bumper at a stoplight to see that there was an "o" there, pretty much.

¤ ¤ credit: robyn | 05.23.03 at 11:19 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

my next door neighbor has red white and blue marker writings all over their truck, and now the doors and windows of their apt. it's SOOOO fucking tacky! At first I thought I was that they let their kids draw on the truck, but yesterday I saw the wife out there writing the door and windows. I SO wish I had pictures of it. It's just WRONG!!

¤ ¤ credit: Ruthie | 05.23.03 at 11:23 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

ok, we never made it to cold stone because well, let's just say that my sons school project almost broke up our marriage tonight, and well, i got pissed, threw a tude and well, that pretty much blew our chances of going to get mutha fucking icecream so uh, can i have a lick of your tongue errrrrrrr i mean ice cream????? *takes a breath* and sweet jesus that friggin car has me laughing, thanks i needed it!

¤ ¤ credit: yvonne | 05.23.03 at 11:29 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

o.m.g This is the best. I see crap like this all the time here. I swear none of the rednecks went to school. Their signs are hilarious.

¤ ¤ credit: Dania | 05.23.03 at 11:48 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

Before I moved to NY I lived in Oregon. If you've never been, it's very funny. Rednecks abound and plenty of treehugging hippies to balance them out. Definately see some hilarious things like this out there! One of my favorite signs ever was in New Orleans I was driving along and saw one outside a run down looking house that said "Hamburgers $1, FRINCH fries 50 cent." Mmmm. Frinch fries.

¤ ¤ credit: Maria | 05.24.03 at 12:01 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

Oooh -- I need to scan an old college photo of a friend and I on spring break. It was in Shreveport, and a gentlemen's club was advertising ORINTAL SHOW GIRLS and FREE DRAF BEER.

UPDATE: Here it is. The photo is over 8 years old now, so forgive the quality, but you can definitely make the above out. My friend (and maid of honor) Angela is shown posing in front of the place.

¤ ¤ credit: robyn | 05.24.03 at 12:12 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

ooohhh, I gotta catch this one van that's around the corner from me for you...lol oh my god, it's got writing all over it in PAINT. Brown van,. pink paint. It says all kinds of stuff like how to buy avon from her, remember 9-11, all kinds of shit. I want to yell at her every time I see it to wash that crap off. Florida rednecks, hate how stupid they are but love them for countless hours of amusement.

¤ ¤ credit: kat | 05.24.03 at 03:59 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

That's classic. Clearly, this guy was driving the car.

¤ ¤ credit: dave | 05.24.03 at 07:33 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

Oh, and in answer to the question posed by your entry title, yes, I hear that Freedom Fighters errr French Soldiers, by and large, DO swallow. :o~~c==3

¤ ¤ credit: dave | 05.24.03 at 09:30 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

Yes indeed, people are freaky..especially in Florida. I just went on vacation in Miami a couple weeks ago, lots of scary horn honking. I'm glad I didn't ever have to drive. I'm just a podunk small-town girl, all that big city stuff makes me nervous.

¤ ¤ credit: Ginny | 05.24.03 at 11:18 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

OMG how I can relate to this ahhahhahhha.. Being from Pensacola and all.. Classic photo :)

¤ ¤ credit: lynn | 05.24.03 at 12:59 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

For a moment there, I thought it said *termites* suck.

¤ ¤ credit: crankydragon | 05.24.03 at 02:27 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

that's actually what i thought it said too, before i read the rest of the post. i thought maybe the car was the only thing they didn't eat.

and i know it's natural, girl. it's obvious. besides, i saw that adorable cowboy boots picture. i just figured all that sunshine helped. i wish we'd get a little.

¤ ¤ credit: tanya | 05.24.03 at 04:45 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

Yep, we've been out enjoying the FL sunshine on the weekends happily snapping photos and playing tourists. Sometimes you tend to forget you live in the paradise other people pay good money to visit... ;-)

¤ ¤ credit: robyn | 05.24.03 at 04:48 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

Termites don't suck...they bite.

¤ ¤ credit: Mike | 05.24.03 at 06:49 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

I don't know who Yvonne is or the joke about eating Drumsticks, but I have to tell you that it is very strange that I was sitting here eating one right as I clicked on that link. And now, of course, I have ice cream coming out my nose. Thanks, Robyn.

¤ ¤ credit: Venomous Kate | 05.24.03 at 07:02 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

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