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Posted: 05.06.2003
The Pride of Ooooo..klahoma!
The University of Oklahoma raised well over $100 million dollars in their Great Expectations Campaign, $65 million of which was earmarked for a stadium renovation at Owen Field. The fundraising began right after the OU/Nebraska game in 2000, and construction is nearing completion for opening day this August. (Click here for Memorial Stadium renderings to see the completed upgrade sketches.) I feel an amazing sense of pride when looking through all of the renovation photographs -- I just can't believe how far the stadium has come since my days as a student.

OU students who aren't football fans can complain all they want about how much the athletics programs get, and how little the academic programs get -- but Owen Field is my place of worship. To see it now almost gives me chills. It's returning to glory because our football program has led us back there. I can't wait to step inside the gates once again! (Visit oustadiumpics.com for chronological updates on the expansion -- most recently on 05.05.03.)

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

It's funny how some people are still so into thier school after they graduate. Not saying it's bad or anything, the whole Oklahoma theme you have going.

We have some people at work who went to my school (University of Oregon) and they live and die with the Ducks. Sure I was in the marching band and went to all the games but I haven't looked back in years. All I know is that they offered a scholarship to a kid who was involved in a murder.

My lack of interest hasn't stopped them from hitting me up all year for donations. I guess all the tuition I paid wasn't enough.

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After I graduate? After? Honey, you obviously didn't know me as a University of Oklahoma co-ed! I've been "into" the University of Oklahoma since the day I was born -- and will be until the day I die. It's not a "theme" to me, and condescending talk like that -- especially from a Duck alum -- will get your ass handed back to you. I wasn't a band geek* -- I was a paying fan in the stands. And In case you've missed the lyrics to our fight song, let me recap:

and a Sooner bred
and when I die I'll be a Sooner dead...
Rah Oklahoma!
Rah Oklahoma!
Rah Oklahoma - OK - U!

By the way, you get one anonymous comment. One. Consider this your official warning. After that, it's hasta-la-bye-bye and we thank you for playing.

*Not that there's anything wrong with that. The Pride of Oklahoma is, hands-down, the best marching band on the planet.

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Sooner football fans can say this year that we are helping academics as well...$5 of our season football tickets fee goes to academics this year...

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That's awesome -- thanks for the heads-up Daisy!

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You can find more about OU's Great Expectations Campaign here:


"University of Oklahoma Athletics Director Joe Castiglione announced on Saturday, Sept. 7, 2002, that the Great Expectations Campaign surpassed its $100 million goal, raising $102 million solely for athletics in less than two years.....The centerpiece of the campaign is the renovation and expansion of the Oklahoma Memorial Stadium-Owen Field. The result of the $65 million project will be a stunning 83,000 plus stadium with new luxury suites, a new upper deck, and a new parking facility."

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