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Posted: 11.16.2002
Late bloomers welcome
Just a quick note that if any donations come in tonight, they will be recorded late. We're off to Lakeland for her birthday celebration this evening. Happy birthday wishes also go out to Susannah and Jennypoo this weekend!

Overnight we topped the $1600+ mark for total donations, and as of this entry $1249.69 will be going to charity! I absolutely have to cut the donations off tomorrow night so I can make the big lump-sum donation on Monday -- but if you're just catching up on blog-reads for the weekend, or getting here via Blogdex, it's still not too late to contribute. Hurry though! And thanks again everyone!

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

Congrats! and thank you for my birthday wishes

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They say it's your birthday!

Happy Birthday, girlie. Let's see how many sites I can hit and say this...

Oh, birthday wishes to Susannah too! Time to hit a new blog...

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Robyn, you're amazing.

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