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Posted: 11.14.2002
The princess bride
Lookee what Lisa sent me today just 'cuz -- "People: The Greatest Celebrity Weddings of All Time"! I was thinking magazine when she first wrote me, but it's more like a bound booklet -- it's amazing! Thank you so much!

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

wow, that's really cool!! :) Isn't Lisa the coolest? I was listening to my Pretender CD from her this morning!!

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I love her skyline pics. She makes me want to get up at dawn. But then I forget and go back to bed.

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Thanks, ladies!

Robyn - I admit to seeing an OU truck hitch cover (or something like that) when I got my car washed last week and thought of you then too. :)

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I bought this, and while it's great, there's a few put in that are just plain puzzling. Not to mention the marriages that went kaput... maybe they just picked on pretty pictures?

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