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Posted: 11.12.2002
The best things in life are free
Money update: I haven't had a chance to update with the new donations made today, but I did try to get in touch with the Susan G. Komen Foundation again earlier this afternoon. And once again, I got voicemail. If you'd like to check up on me the number to call is 1-800-462-9273, and the person I'm trying to speak with (I believe, she talked fast on voicemail -- people when you leave an outgoing message, please talk s.l.o.w.l.y.) is Kelly Turret. So that's where things are at right now. I've left two messages -- this one with an approximate donation amount to date -- so hopefully a dollar figure will be enough encouragement that I'll hear back from them tomorrow. If not, I'll just keep stalking their phone lines until I get a real person! - Robyn

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honey, keep trying...eventually you'll get through

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Another fantastic organization that you should look into is Cancer Care. My friend's beloved mother died recently and Cancer Care was the only thing that kept my friend sane. If the Komen Foundation can't be bothered to answer calls maybe you should look into Cancer Care.

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