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Posted: 10.28.2002
It's not unusual
I found this life-reality-check entry worth sharing over at The Couch this evening. And then I went and had one of those moments myself...from MSNBC.com:
Tom Jones' panty-tossing fans just arenít what they used to be. Back when frenzied ladies reached up and impulsively yanked off their skivvies, "the whole thing was authentic" says Jones, but not so anymore. "Nowadays, they bring along a plastic bag with their underwear in it," Jones told the German magazine Bunte. "It has nothing to do with enthusiasm any more. I actually take it as an insult."
I mean, it only goes to reason that if his fan's couches are now covered in plastic zip-covers, their undies would be as well. But you've gotta feel for the guy. No, really... Maybe he should talk to Kylie Minogue. Apparently "her" knickers were framed and for sale.

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

I saw Tom Jones live about 12-18 months ago. Excellent concert, but he's right, I didn't see any 64 year old women remove their tent sized undies and toss them up front. Perhaps it's the size tag that botheres them and they bring a smaller pair in the bag!

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I actually won a pair of Kylie's panties (new, not used) on Beer.com a month ago. Come to think of it, they haven't arrived. It was an essay contest where I promised to auction them on eBay for beer money. I'm going to have to follow up on that..


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