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Posted: 10.22.2002
Hunka hunka burnin' love
Am I getting old and out of touch? Because looking over the first couple of pages of the new E! Rank list ("The 25 Sexiest Men in Entertainment for 2002") left me going "huh?" for four out of eight. That's not to say that 3/4 of the remaining picks and corresponding photos didn't leave me going "huh?" as well. I'm just quite shocked at all of the names I didn't know this time!

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

Benjamin Brat is #1? Yetch!

¤ ¤ credit: Serra | 10.22.02 at 02:46 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

Ben Bratt looks like a bobblehead doll... He is *not* pretty. Ewan, however... *slurp*

I didn't know who many of those were, either. Are they on Dawson-esque shows or something?! That might explain at least part of my ignorance!

¤ ¤ credit: Susan | 10.22.02 at 04:16 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

I think I watched part of this when they showed it on VH1... I lost interest because I had no idea who half of them were. Watching new videos, listening to the radio, and watching programmes like this make me feel like I've been living in a cave for the past five or ten years...

¤ ¤ credit: pie | 10.22.02 at 06:24 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

Uhm...I am with you Robyn.
I guess my tastes just differ wildly from everyone else, cause there ain't a one on that list that did a damn thing for me. And...Bruce Springsteen. *retch*


¤ ¤ credit: jen | 10.22.02 at 08:12 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

If I'm old at 21, I don't know what to do. I didn't recognize half of those names either. And could they have used uglier pics of Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell??

¤ ¤ credit: theresa | 10.22.02 at 08:32 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

Bratt is #1? What is this world coming too?

¤ ¤ credit: sphinx | 10.22.02 at 09:45 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

The people who do this list must be extremely near sighted. 99% of them don't do a thing for me at all.

¤ ¤ credit: Veshka | 10.22.02 at 02:18 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

how did *I* get left off the list again? it's a travesty, i tell ya!

¤ ¤ credit: mikey | 10.22.02 at 03:55 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

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