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Posted: 09.30.2002
Blue Monday
Haven't done "news of the weird" for awhile...so here are a few headlines:

  1. Army Lieutenant Colonel: "porn made me kill my wife"
  2. Museum of sex couldn't get it up (Official site)
  3. CNN reads fark, too (originally blogged on 9/20)
  4. Bungee Jumper: "I guess he missed"
  5. Scientology could have saved Elvis from death (but not fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches)
And just in time for Halloween...the "Surrender Martha" site. Let Martha fry.

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

He strangled her with a computer cord?! That just wreaks of irony... But I smell a rat on the whole "not premeditated" issue; why would he dispose of the body in a creek? Most people, after committing a crime of passion, will confess crying. He deserves jail time on that one...

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Google used return Microsoft as a result for "go to hell" due to an activity known as "Google Bombing". A deliberate ploy used by website, and particularly weblog, owners to make a collective statement by using a particular phrase as a link to a target site.
More information on "Google Bombing" is available from Uber. Google has recently however, altered its ranking algorithms to counter this. More info at dive into mark.

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