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Posted: 06.12.2002
We are the champions
So are we the only ones that mutter as victorious teams slap the losers hands at the end of a game on TV... "Good game. Good game. Kiss my ass. You ruined my life. Good game. I hate you. There goes the Nike deal. Good game. Good game. You suck. You suck. You suck. The wife ain't gettin' any tonight. Good game. Where's the beer? Bite me." Too many years playing soccer and softball, I tell ya'.

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

at least with soccer, you get acting that's worthy of an oscar. i have a couple myself.

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We didn't really put much effort into it with my ice hockey team. One girl clotheslined another team's captain during the end of the game hand-shake line-up. I would have joined in, but I had been thrown out and given a 2 game suspension in the second period. :)

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