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Posted: 05.24.2002
Duck and cover
Oh dear lord...hurricane season isn't even supposed to start until June 1st (which also happens to be our anniversary -- the irony). Looks like we'll have another excuse to drink this weekend now. It's so Robbie's fault. He was in the Cayman Islands this week -- where this all started!

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

i love it when bloggers gather. just love it.

¤ ¤ credit: kd | 05.24.02 at 03:37 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

Dang it already....I knew I was missing something when I missed the NEWS last night...Time to start stocking up!!!!

¤ ¤ credit: Heather | 05.24.02 at 06:32 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

Ahhhh, the joys of Gulf Coast living. Have I mentioned lately that I hate Houston? I'm starting to spot the rust inside my car (like the metal seat hinges) where Ms. Allison flooded it last year. Grumble grumble...

¤ ¤ credit: Christine | 05.24.02 at 11:04 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

I know this has nothing to do with the topic, but I realized I haven't added you to my blog list, and now I'm kicking myself for not adding you sooner!! I'll do it when I get home from school.

¤ ¤ credit: Rachel | 05.24.02 at 11:21 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

Cheers to my fellow "Atlantic Hurricane" partners. Isn't it just FAB that mother nature provides the reason to get drunk throughout the summer months. However, I'm still having flashbacks from the remnants of Floyd and all it's flooding a few years back - guess I'll just have to sink back a few more to repress all the memories. ;-) HAVE FUN AT YOUR BLOG PARTY!

¤ ¤ credit: Tara | 05.24.02 at 11:52 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

More irony... June 1st is my birthday. Appropriate my husband says.

My mother's flying in on Thursday, hope it's all clear by then, like she's not nervous enough, right?

¤ ¤ credit: Christine | 05.24.02 at 12:24 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

Hmph... Look what that little out of season . It didn't affect me too badly, thank God!

¤ ¤ credit: Mad Bull | 05.24.02 at 09:58 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

Hmph... Look what that little out of season storm did in Jamaica. It didn't affect me too badly, thank God! Ooop! Please delete the previous comment!

¤ ¤ credit: Mad Bull | 05.24.02 at 09:59 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

I don't want to hear it! I was the one in the Cayman's where it poured non-stop. So much for a day in paradise. At least the locals we're quite happy - it hadn't rained for some time. We'd give anything for rain like that in Colorado.

¤ ¤ credit: Cap'n Robbie | 05.28.02 at 11:32 AM | link--this ¤ ¤

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