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Posted: 05.23.2002
Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay
And now a moment for man's best friend... I'm not sure if any of you have seen the new "gourmet" doggie treats at Targhét, but Claire freakin' LOVES 'em. Not that she isn't already our bitch or anything, literally and figuratively, but I swear if she had opposable thumbs she'd be doing all of the house and lawn work for these things.

So far we've bought the "Bark 'n' Fetch Biscuits" and "Jump 'n' Sit Bits" (both in Variety, about $2-3 cheaper in stores than on the website). I'm sure we'll be buying more soon though. When Claire realized what I had in the bag tonight, I thought she was going to pass out waiting for me to get them open. If you want to make your own best friend happy, this company definitely gets two-paws-up!

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

I've never seen any dog get more excited at the prospect of a treat than a cocker-a-spanish-a-girl dog. Mine piddles on the floor the moment I touch him. Reliably. I just make sure not to pet a hello until I'm outside.

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Oh yeah, they've had a Three Dog Bakery in West Des Moines for a while. Such a fun place! We used to get Sprocket stuff there occasionally (can't have him get TOO spoiled!) or when they'd set up a stand at the Farmer's Market. Love those carob chip Jump 'n Sit Bits! Although does much more jumping than sitting. :( Guess we have to work on that...

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I wish I had a dog. apartment life sucks.

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next time i go to the fancy french store, i'll pick some up. my dog hates every bone, treat, chew thing i've ever bought him. i'll give it one more try. he really doesn't deserve treats at all...but i'm a sucker!

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