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Posted: 04.29.2002
Dell schmell
Apple unveiled unveiled its first personal computer designed exclusively for schools, the eMac, today. It's cute (kinda like the old iMacs), but I'd feel ripped off for not getting to play on a new iMac if my school bought them! (Article from CNN.)

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

hey, but that's kinda cute! I wouldn't mind one of those. Although E would have a frickin COW if I even thought of a mac ;) He'd be happy if we just had linux boxes or whatever those weird things above his desk are ;) I think I'll stick with my PC! My list of acceptable PCs to buy shrinks all the time, though, because E does tech support and sees too much crap that the major PC-makers do! He almost didn't let me get an HP printer because he hates their install process that you have to go through to set up a printer. And he was right, it took me 30-45 minutes to set it up, and then we had to spend 3-4 hours fixing what it had screwed up after it made the camera software not work. Ugh!!!

Wow, look how off topic I got, so sorry!!! ;)

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It looks like the old iMac and the new iMac had a mutant child. Okay now i'm done.

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It's not the first exclusive for schools, but hopefully they will support it longer than they did the G3 iMacs from a few years ago. (They had zip drives and a couple of other useful for school labs features in them. We put them all over campus and then as the wear and tear took it's toll and they needed service, Oops, we don't manufacture those anymore. It was like less than 3 months after purchasing them.)

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The "first exclusively for schools" bit was straight out of the CNN article I linked. :-)

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Wouldn't be the first time those whacky news people got a techno detail wrong in an article. :) Note Apple's site doesn't call it the first, only the newest.

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Sorry I took so long to post this, it's Derby week down here. :)

G3 All in One, Educational Only Market

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