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Posted: 04.28.2002
I'm too sexy for this shirt
So it took me two days of shopping this weekend to find two pair of pants and a few shirts to go with them for spring/summer. This is not because I particularly enjoyed hitting two malls and three outlet malls, or because Todd was having a grand ol' time tagging along and doing the driving. I really don't want to think it's because I'm pushing 30. In college I would have thrown just as big a hissy fit if faced with the current trends that I saw more than enough of this weekend. Shirts that won't even touch the top of my waistline aside, finding anything that looked new proved to be the big problem. For example, the following outfit was the typical fare at Abercrombie & Fitch and The Gap (total $73.50, before tax, for t-shirt and jeans):

The first new trend which was everywhere...taking a pair of scissors for no apparent reason and making a v-neck out of a regular tee, as pictured above... But instead of stitching the cut through the neckline, it was au naturel. Well I'm sorry, but there ain't no way I'm forking over almost twenty-five bucks on a t-shirt that will have a slit to my navel after 3 washings because the new look in fashion is going a little shred-happy, without needle and thread to back it up. (Coming soon to a $3.99 bin near you, I'm sure!) And next...what's up with the "dirty jeans and pants look"? If I wanted what looks like dirt and grease ground into my pants, I would hit Goodwill rather than forking over almost fifty bucks a pair.

Hating both of these looks has nothing to do with weight-issues or body images. It's just plain crap. Have designers at fashion houses, errrr sweatshops in Indonesia, grown so bored that they think we won't notice them ripping and dirtying up perfectly good clothing and charging the same high prices? (Derelicte in Zoolander wasn't so far off!) Or do people just not care? I don't get it, and won't attempt to try. (Please note: I did not buy the items shown above.)

Thank goodness for the Banana Republic outlet store -- they seriously prevented a "fashion victim" nervous breakdown! Of course, finding the MAC and Bobbi Brown outlet store right around the corner didn't hurt...

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

Well you are right, GAP is very expensive for their clothing. I do like the jeans tho, I just never got a pair because they came out last season and I didn't feel like dropping 60 for them at the time, along with I didn't have the money at the time.

I like the design on the tee but the slit at the top, nahh. I can live with out it.

You are so right with "designers" now a days. They think just because a highly respectiable clothing company will sell it everyone will buy it. Which is true just because it has a GAP tag on it anyone will buy it, I know I do myself too.

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We cut Caleb's pull-over bibs like that because his head is too big - maybe those shirts were designed for people with extremely large heads!

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You've gotta be kidding me, 75 bucks for jeans and a t-shirt? I can buy three t-shirts and two pair of jeans for that much money. Sheesh.

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Those jeans look almost identical to the ones Mike wears while he's working on the car! :)

I buy the Venezia jeans at Lane Bryant...they often have them on sale at 2/$49, they are of good quality and I love the way they fit. I have some pairs that I've been wearing for years! And Mike gets Levis and Dockers at the outlet in Kittery, Maine for about the same price. Even L.L. Bean, which is not the cheapest place in the world to shop (but has excellent quality stuff), sells their jeans for $29.00!

¤ ¤ credit: Christine M. | 04.29.02 at 06:24 PM | link--this ¤ ¤

Just a reminder that Banana Republic (and Old Navy for that matter) are under the big ole' GAP corporate umbrella. Just thought it was relevant to the conversation.

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