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Posted: 04.22.2002
Time to raise a little hell...
So Michelle and Melly, two of the mommies I most admire -- along with Mig of Feral Living -- have started a new blog called Raising Hell. They describe it as:

"A new perspective on family life. If Erma Bombeck and Ozzie Osbourne had a bastard child and added caffeine, it would look a lot like Raising Hell. Raising Hell looks like a typewriter and sounds like a lawnmower. Raising Hell is red meat at a vegetarian restaurant. It's the dispeptic hippopotamus at the tea party. Raising Hell is about finding love and beauty in chaos and panic. Raising Hell: a new genre of parenting.

Stop by and give it a read. I can pretty much guarantee with 110% certainty that you won't be disappointed!

Hey boy take a look at me...let me dirty up your mind...

they've definitely put together a cool site.

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