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Posted: 09.29.2003
It's like this, and like that, and like this, and uh...
Guess someone forgot to tell them that Elvis has left the building. Whoops.

By the way, getting this blog back on topic, I've been asked just what kind of "rack shots" are acceptable for this year's Boobie-Thon... Basically, anything goes. Only covered boobies (hands, props, food items, bras, etc.) will go on the main photos page. But just like last year, there will be a separate, passworded "pay-per-boobie" page for bare-breasts -- available to donors of $50.00 or more. And yes, we already have bare-breast photos submitted. Also, guys are more than welcome to submit their racks as well. We had 'em last year, and we'll gladly take 'em this year. E-mail photos here. The first batch of pics goes live on 10/1! Don't be tardy.

UPDATE: It has been suggested that females not use "man hands" to cover up their naughty bits. Just a suggestion...use it as you will...

UPDATE 2: Don't forget...you can get "creative" with your photo entries... Last year we had wet t-shirt style pics, creative use of food products, pretty things to unwrap, and even a little festivity. Use your imaginations!

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