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Posted: 04.23.2002
'Til Tuesday
Time again for Ashley's "This or That Tuesday".

  1. Is your mouse pad plain or decorated? Don't need one with a laptop.
  2. Do you own a web cam? Yes or no? Yes, an Intel -- but we never use it.
  3. Which do you do use more often online: email or search? I'd have to say right about 50/50, but if I had to give an edge, it would be to email.
  4. Do you use HTML coding, WYSIWYG editor, or something else to create your web pages? I create all of my pages in Notepad or BBEdit Lite by longhand. I've never used an editor other than my brain since day one.
  5. Do you forward chain emails? Only if the person has sent them to me in the past, and then all bets are off and payback is a bitch.
  6. Do you forward those mushy stories that take 20 minutes to read? HELL NO! I think I was guilty of forwarding one patriotic 9-11 story, and haven't sent anything like that since.
  7. How large is your monitor: 14", larger, or smaller? I have a 14.1" on my iBook, and Todd has a 17" on his PC.
  8. Do you have a mouse with a scroller, one with two buttons, one with three? No mouse needed with a touchpad...
  9. Do you listen to music while surfing the web? Yes or no? During the day when Todd isn't home (except during CFH)...yes. But the bastard flips my speakers off the second he walks in the door at night.
  10. How often do you clear your cookies, or cache? Pretty often. At least 1-2 times a week.

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