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Posted: 04.09.2002
Tuesday means...
It's time for Ashley's "This or That"!
  1. Do you answer the phone on the first ring? Yes or no? No. We wait for Caller ID to show up first. We're lazy like that.
  2. Which is worse: door-to-door salesmen or telemarketers? Door-to-door salesman. I hate slamming doors in people's faces, but won't think a thing about doing that with the phone (after saying "put me on your do not call list"). You can also turn the ringer off -- the doorbell will ring regardless of whether or not you answer it.
  3. Which is worse: the phone company or the oil company? The oil company. But ask me again after our next Verizon bill...
  4. Cordless phone, cellular phone, or corded phone? All three. Cordless for the house. Cellular for Todd on the road to and from work. And corded because with summer storms in Florida, you've got to have a non-electric-reliant option on hand.
  5. Phone number: write it down or remember it? WRITE IT DOWN! (And then lose it most likely...sigh...)
  6. When you tell a date, "I'll call you", do you mean it? Yes or no? Sure do. Unless my health gets in the way...
  7. Do you own one phone? Two? Three? More? Three in the house and one cell phone.
  8. Have you purchased anything by phone? Yes or no? Yes. I do a lot of our shopping online and via catalogs since I can't always get out.
  9. Have you ever called someone and then hung up before you spoke? Yes or no? The most embarassing time this happened was right after Todd and I started dating. I still had his parents' house in my memory -- one off from my Gma. When his dad answered, I recognized the voice and what I'd done and promptly hung up without saying anything. Wouldn't you know (this was 1992) they had JUST got Caller ID for the first time and were just itching to bust someone. I could have DIED. I still don't know if Todd really believes it was a mistake. LOL!
  10. Do you own an answering machine? We have voicemail through our phone company so a message can still be left if we're on the phone.

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