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Posted: 08.28.2001
As expected...
Well as expected, Miami waived Josh Heupel today because of injury. This is actually something that we're both really happy about. As much as we'd like to have him within driving distance, this will be so much better for his career! Miami was just not a good fit (and they're an orange team...blech). We'd like to see him go to Green Bay (which would be easier with Bishop being waived today), but the possibilities are endless I guess. Here's what Miami coach Dave Wannstedt had to say: "I know there was a lot of people that liked him going into the draft," Wannstedt said. "He's a great kid, he's intelligent, he's a winner. I think everybody knows that just because of the circumstances here, he never really got an opportunity to show what he might be able to do. Under those circumstances, he could get another opportunity. And I'd love to see it." Good luck Josh -- we know you'll do well whatever lies ahead!


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