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Thursday, November 20, 2003
Final thanks

I received the official donation letter from Susan G. Komen in the mail today. This concludes the accounting updates to the 2003 Boobie-Thon. Thanks again for everyone's help, support and donations!

posted by robyn on 11.20.03 at 07:56 PM


you did sucha super job of managing all of this Robyn. many many thanks for all your time and effort to help so many and making it a very FUN way to participate and contribute.

you are to be applauded.


posted by: madpoet on 11.20.03 at 09:41 PM [permalink]

Congrats! You did a fine job

posted by: Kelly on 11.24.03 at 10:52 AM [permalink]


Although I felt something like that deserved more than a boilerplate response from them. *chuckle*

*hugs* Robyn. Lemme know if you need anything. :)

posted by: Mikey2 on 11.27.03 at 11:58 PM [permalink]

Mikey2 - Please keep in mind the volume that the Foundation deals with. It is not always possible to personalize every single letter. I did do my best to inform the proper people of this donation. Sometimes special letters are written, sometimes not.

As someone that works in the acknowledgment department of the Foundation, I would like to say congratulations on a very successful and unique fundraising effort.

posted by: Katie on 12.01.03 at 11:29 AM [permalink]

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