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Monday, October 27, 2003
Hey, Mr. Postman

I received the return-receipt back confirming that Komen received the cashier's check I sent to them on October 23, 2003. (Click below for larger pop-up.) I'll update the site again once I actually have something from Komen themselves.

posted by robyn on 10.27.03 at 05:47 PM


Good cause! Keep up the good work! Let me know if you want me to put a plug on my blog (if that helps?)

posted by: meg on 11.05.03 at 03:24 PM [permalink]

FYI -- The makers of M&M candies has teamed up with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to raise funds through the sale of their new "pink & white " M&M candies. For each 8-ounce bag of the special candies sold, the makers of M&M will donate 50 cents to the foundation.

posted by: jewdez on 11.11.03 at 02:54 PM [permalink]

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