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Wednesday, October 22, 2003
SELF appreciation

A quick update on this entry. I was contacted by SELF Magazine again yesterday. Here's part of the note:

Hi Robyn,

SELF magazine would like to recognize you (and your Boobiethon) in the February issue for being a promoter of positive body image in women. In addition to raising money for a good cause, your charity sends the message that you don't have to have a porn star body to be proud of it.

I'd like to get a few quotes from you on body image for the story.

<snip of list of interview questions>

That should do it. If you'd prefer to discuss this over the phone, please give me at call at <snip of phone number>. Otherwise, I'll look for an email from you in the next day or two.

Thanks and congrats,

Erin Bried
Sr. Staff Writer
SELF magazine

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the February 2004 issue!

posted by robyn on 10.22.03 at 04:09 PM


That RULES, dude! RULES! :)

posted by: Joelle on 10.22.03 at 04:29 PM [permalink]

That's great, Robyn! Maybe it'll bring more donations if you do it again next year. :) Congrats.

posted by: tricia on 10.22.03 at 04:31 PM [permalink]

That is sooo cool! Congratulations. I am proud to have been even a small part of such a great thing. (pardon the pun if you will) :)

posted by: Hey Lisa on 10.22.03 at 04:39 PM [permalink]

Congrats. It's great to see your efforts being recognized.

posted by: Ursula on 10.22.03 at 05:24 PM [permalink]

Dude, that rocks!!!! :)

posted by: kristine on 10.22.03 at 05:32 PM [permalink]

Rob, that's so awesome!

posted by: mikey on 10.22.03 at 05:36 PM [permalink]

that is AMAZING! Congrats! :)

posted by: Ruthie on 10.22.03 at 05:46 PM [permalink]

You are truly doing something amazing, and I am so glad that you are being recognized for it! Congratulations!!

posted by: ginadapooh on 10.22.03 at 06:05 PM [permalink]

taht is just awesome Robyn! the article, the money you raised, all the time and effort and the money you donated yourself.... you are an amazing woman!!!


posted by: fae on 10.22.03 at 08:32 PM [permalink]

Man...let's hope we can get you some more help if you decide to do this next year. You thought THIS year was overwhelming?? hehehe

posted by: Mikey2 on 10.22.03 at 08:59 PM [permalink]

You GO girl! Get down with your bad self!

You rock. :)

posted by: Melissa on 10.23.03 at 09:35 AM [permalink]

Congratz on everything Robyn. *squish* and i second what mikey2. we're going top have to get you some help next year.

posted by: munin on 10.23.03 at 09:36 AM [permalink]

Way to go Robin !

posted by: Paul on 10.23.03 at 03:38 PM [permalink]

Go Robyn, Go Robyn, Go Robyn!

posted by: Skip on 10.24.03 at 12:47 PM [permalink]

Heh! Go you! You and the Boobiethon are famous! *grin*

posted by: Mac on 10.24.03 at 02:57 PM [permalink]

YaY! Congrats!

posted by: Seth on 10.26.03 at 11:21 AM [permalink]

Wow! I am so proud of you!!!! Way to go girl... :)

posted by: Angel on 10.26.03 at 05:16 PM [permalink]

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