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Tuesday, October 21, 2003
General accounting

Earlier today I was able to get -- and send -- a cashier's check to Susan G. Komen via U.S. certified mail with return receipt for $6686.45. You can see the proof below (click for larger pop-ups). I'll update the site again when I get confirmation it's been received! Thanks again everyone! -Robyn

UPDATE: The return-receipt came back confirming Komen received the cashier's check!

posted by robyn on 10.21.03 at 09:00 PM


Great job Robyn - you should be proud of yourself. I know I am.

Of you. Not myself.

posted by: michele on 10.21.03 at 09:25 PM [permalink]

Once again, Robyn, you've done a wonderful job! Thank you!

posted by: Lisa on 10.21.03 at 11:17 PM [permalink]

over 6600 bucks man, that's no small potatoes. Can't wait to see if that can be topped next year.

posted by: statia on 10.22.03 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

Awesome. What an amazing fundraiser. Way to GO. And thank you.

posted by: Hey Lisa on 10.22.03 at 04:41 PM [permalink]

*hugs* :) Glad I was able to participate this time 'round.

posted by: Mikey2 on 10.22.03 at 08:58 PM [permalink]

Very nice job. You are truly a very good person

posted by: Drew on 10.26.03 at 12:15 AM [permalink]

That is great!

posted by: Camille on 11.01.03 at 11:30 AM [permalink]

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