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Friday, October 17, 2003
Where's your cash at?

Today the final e-check payments I received cleared, and I was able to move $6433.49 from my PayPal account into my bank account. This transfer could take up to 2-3 business days, so I expect it to be there by next Wednesday.

Now you might notice that even though we raised $6686.45, I only moved over the total balance in my PayPal account of $6433.49. This is because PayPal requires you to upgrade to its premier account in order to process credit card payments. By doing so, each credit card donation had an amount automatically deducted by PayPal (2.9%+ $0.30 USD) before I ever saw it in my PayPal account. However, I posted the full amount of each donation on the donations page. Then at the end of the Boobie-Thon (as my husband and I also did last year), we donate the total amount that PayPal has deducted to "break even" and give Komen the published / donated amount on the site.

This year, we will be donating an additional $252.96 out of pocket -- so when that amount is added to the amount transferred of $6433.49 -- this will bring us to a cashier's check mailed next week for a total of $6686.45.

I will update the site again once payment has been mailed to Komen.

posted by robyn on 10.17.03 at 01:14 PM


thats amazing Robyn! :) this is a BIG deal! Nathan Spencer has such a great Mommy! :)

posted by: ruthie on 10.17.03 at 01:59 PM [permalink]

your amazing. :)

posted by: matt on 10.17.03 at 10:47 PM [permalink]

That's just amazing! Great work, Robyn. :)

posted by: Lisa on 10.18.03 at 12:33 AM [permalink]

you should ask pay pal to donate the $252.96, or waive their fee, for the cause. just a suggestion. :)

posted by: meredith on 10.21.03 at 06:00 PM [permalink]

Since we're not a registered charity, I doubt we'd get very far... :-)

posted by: robyn on 10.21.03 at 09:08 PM [permalink]

That rocks, woman. :)

and can I just say that I'm so pleased you used "out of pocket" properly. hehe.

posted by: Joelle on 10.21.03 at 09:43 PM [permalink]

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