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Sunday, October 12, 2003
That's a wrap!

I'm pleased to announce that we have now officially wrapped the 2003 Boobie-Thon. Our final donation totals were a whopping $7045.45 raised since October 1st -- with $6686.45 going directly to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The remaining $359.00 went to the "Run For Their Lives - PAWS Chicago 8K" as the bloggers helping bloggers portion of the Boobie-Thon.

So what happens next? Well I received quite a few e-check payments today, so those have to clear first. PayPal says this usually takes 4-5 business days, which will put it roughly on October 17, 2003. After that, I have to transfer the total PayPal funds to my bank account. PayPal says this usually takes 2-3 business days. Hopefully by October 22, 2003, all funds will have cleared the necessary channels and I can send a cashier's check to Susan G. Komen. Just like last year, I will update this blog every step of the way so that you can follow my progress. And of course when received, I will post the official donation letter from Komen just like I did in 2002.

Thanks so much to everyone who's linked, sent photos, and donated to the cause this year. Look for us to be back in 2004! -Robyn

UPDATE: Don't forget to click here each day to fund free mammograms from! "Each year, 182,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 43,300 die. One woman in eight either has or will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. In addition, 1,600 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 400 will die this year."

posted by robyn on 10.12.03 at 12:13 AM


Congratulations Robyn, that is incredible!!!
Thank you so much for putting this together.
until next year!

posted by: munin on 10.12.03 at 12:28 AM [permalink]

Exxxxcellent. :)
One suggestion for next year...try to come up with a system that lets us help you more. We didn't like tiring you out, even if it was for a good cause. :(

posted by: Mikey2 on 10.12.03 at 01:19 AM [permalink]

Whooo hooo! Nice work!!

posted by: Kaia on 10.12.03 at 01:23 AM [permalink]

Excellent job Robyn, I hope you are really proud of what you have acheived.

I really wanted to take part this year but have been going through a seperation and well I lost my photographer Lol.. You never know maybe next year ;)

posted by: Sonia on 10.12.03 at 01:29 AM [permalink]

Kudos to you, bubaloo. :)

posted by: Joelle on 10.12.03 at 02:56 AM [permalink]

Congrats Robyn! A job well done and something we can all say we were proud to give our best shot at helping out in.

posted by: Rae on 10.12.03 at 03:23 AM [permalink]

I just can't believe you raised over $7K in 11 days. That's friggin' amazing!

Big congrats Robyn, and a giant thank you to everyone who donated money and the easy bit, getting horny, taking nudie photos of yourself and sending them in :)

I feel very good about being a part of this again, and so should everyone else who posed and donated.

posted by: The artist formerly known as Jessica Parker on 10.12.03 at 03:55 AM [permalink]

Whohooooooooo!! What a wonderful thing! Congrats Robyn and thanks so much for all your hard work!

posted by: Lessa on 10.12.03 at 04:24 AM [permalink]

Thanks for putting in all that hard work!!

posted by: Khai on 10.12.03 at 05:13 AM [permalink]

You are just awesome!!! We all need to come up with a way to help you out more next year, if you decide to do it again.

And thanks to everyone who donated as well!

posted by: Adelle on 10.12.03 at 05:59 AM [permalink]

That is so GREAT!!! Thanks for all you've done!!!

posted by: Sweety on 10.12.03 at 07:28 AM [permalink]

Amazing work as always, Robyn! :)

posted by: Lisa on 10.12.03 at 08:57 AM [permalink]

*applause to all participants and donors*

posted by: KB on 10.12.03 at 12:24 PM [permalink]

amazing job Robyn. Thank you for everything you did!!!

posted by: mel on 10.12.03 at 01:15 PM [permalink]

That is an absolutely amazing total. You are truly a saint for organizing this. Your son is going to have a wonderful mommy!

posted by: C.C. on 10.12.03 at 01:18 PM [permalink]

that is SOO great! :) Way to go Robyn and everyone involved! :)

posted by: ruthie on 10.12.03 at 02:49 PM [permalink]

Well done!

posted by: Annette on 10.12.03 at 02:51 PM [permalink]

Robyn, I'm in awe at how wonderful this event turned out. Congratulations on a job very well done! I'd like to be even more help next year if possible, since you'll have a wee one running around and all. :) I'm so happy to have been even a small part of this year's amazing event. Great idea, great work, great success from a great lady. :) WTG!

posted by: Hey Lisa on 10.13.03 at 09:11 AM [permalink]

Awesome, a job well done.

posted by: Lynne on 10.13.03 at 08:47 PM [permalink]

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