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Saturday, October 11, 2003
Lest we forget

[boobies 216]

[boobies 217]

Breast cancer survivor boobs, complete with quadrectomy scars and
radiation markings.

posted by robyn on 10.11.03 at 09:19 PM


*applause* thank you for submitting those. :)

posted by: Joelle on 10.12.03 at 12:06 AM [permalink]

Kudos to all the ladies who have submitted (my wife is one of them), and a very special kudos to the breast cancer survivor submission!

posted by: Drood on 10.12.03 at 03:24 AM [permalink]

applaudes that submission.....THIS is why giving is so important

posted by: Fiona on 10.12.03 at 12:19 PM [permalink]

Hello to all the participants from Ireland:

I really believe that any extra atention that we can win for the cause is beneficial, becouse to many times something that is very "common" tends to be forgetten.

I specially find interesting and enlighting the fotos from the lady that survived her ordial with brest cancer. The show us a lot of want we can do...

Thank you to all, to all those people that work hard every day to keep up the fight against breast cancer.

posted by: Jaime on 10.22.03 at 11:52 AM [permalink]

Wanted to say thanks for the comments.... these are my pics and it took a long decision to send them in, I'm glad to know they where apreciated.

posted by: JaamE on 10.23.03 at 11:00 PM [permalink]

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