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Wednesday, October 8, 2003
Happy "hump day"

A few announcements as I start my day online... First of all, the greatest hosting company in the world was sneaky and purchased the domain for the site, to use now (and in the future). So huge thanks to them!

I finally have the donors pages caught up to speed. We've now raised over $5K for Komen alone -- that's over quadruple what we sent them last year!

I've started wading through the backlog of photo submissions and URL requests (since I took the evening off yesterday), and have 10 new boobie pics on the photos page. That will be slow-going this afternoon as I have an appointment here in a bit. I'll try to get back on them in the early evening. Please be patient!

posted by robyn on 10.08.03 at 12:26 PM


I keep coming back to see the tally and I'm constantly amazed! You (and everyone who donated, snapped photos, etc) have got to be so happy!! :-)

posted by: Sassy McSmartpants on 10.08.03 at 12:43 PM [permalink]

This is fantastic, I hope the donations don't slow down.

posted by: Lynne on 10.08.03 at 08:09 PM [permalink]

I knew we could make $5000... I just knew it!!!!

posted by: Zuly on 10.09.03 at 07:35 AM [permalink]

Go for $10k!!

posted by: Mariann on 10.09.03 at 08:21 AM [permalink]

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