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Monday, October 6, 2003
15 minutes

I was just interviewed via e-mail by a reporter from Self Magazine about the Boobie-Thon. Pretty cool!

I have a stack of submissions and donations to wade through. I promise to try and get through them soon tonight. It's been a very hectic afternoon around here... Please stay tuned!

posted by robyn on 10.06.03 at 06:06 PM


That is soooo awesome! Let us know if/when it gets published!

How did they find you?

posted by: Adelle on 10.06.03 at 07:19 PM [permalink]

The start of the letter said, "I'm the Sr. Staff Writer at SELF magazine. I just stumbled upon your Boobie Thon website, and would like to include it in a story I'm writing in our February issue."

posted by: robyn on 10.06.03 at 07:28 PM [permalink]

how exciting robyn!!!!! please let us know when it is due out;)

posted by: fae on 10.06.03 at 07:35 PM [permalink]

Well, let's hope it's a POSITIVE article and not one of the negatives some of our fellow bloggers have been tricked into...

You're doing great, Robyn. Almost finished, keep up the good work. :) *hugs*

posted by: Mikey2 on 10.06.03 at 07:54 PM [permalink]

super cool!

posted by: Kimmie on 10.06.03 at 08:06 PM [permalink]

That's so awesome!!

posted by: Kaia on 10.06.03 at 08:21 PM [permalink]

Maybe you could open the donation pool up again in Feb when the article comes out :)

posted by: The artist formerly known as Jessica Parker on 10.06.03 at 08:58 PM [permalink]

I should be a little busy in birth and all... ;-)

posted by: robyn on 10.06.03 at 09:06 PM [permalink]

I think God decided to fix Valentine's Day for you. So blessed! Don't get too overhwelmed with this 'thon, get your rest, you and baby come first. *hugs*

posted by: queen on 10.06.03 at 09:18 PM [permalink]

How cool! I would love to see it when it comes out.

What you're doing is a great thing. I admire how you've managed to juggle it all. {{hugs}} and Congratulations, you're doing an awesome job. :)

posted by: Hey Lisa on 10.06.03 at 10:12 PM [permalink]

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