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Monday, October 6, 2003
Tell me why I don't like Mondays

Busy morning of photo editing... We have a baker's dozen of new boobie pics up on the photos page, two new man-racks, and seven new "pay-per-boobie" shots online. Our total donations thus far have cracked the $4750 mark! Submissions and donations end this Saturday -- no more putting it off, mmmk?

posted by robyn on 10.06.03 at 12:54 PM


A "Boomtown Rats" quote to boot.... It seems that with $5,000 being right around the corner going to breast cancer research, Monday would be hard not to like.

posted by: J2 on 10.06.03 at 03:02 PM [permalink]

Trust me...I am not complaining! I'm just way tired. :-)

posted by: robyn on 10.06.03 at 03:37 PM [permalink]

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