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Saturday, October 4, 2003
Say goodnight, Gracie

Photo submissions are at a trickle again right now, so I'm going to call it a wrap 'til tomorrow. Any photos sent in or donations made after this posting will go up on the site tomorrow.

I should note that we cracked the $4K mark in total donations this evening. You guys rock! Thanks again!

UPDATE: I just added our 2002 donation letter from Komen on the donations page. I will be making the same updates to this 2003 site once the final donation is made for accounting purposes.

posted by robyn on 10.04.03 at 10:36 PM


Did you receive the tax deduction. If so then this year will be even better for you

posted by: drew on 10.05.03 at 11:27 AM [permalink]

Yes I did -- reason being, it allows us to "break even". PayPal requires you to upgrade to its premier account in order to process credit card payments. By doing so, each credit card donation has an amount automatically deducted by PayPal before I ever see it in my PayPal account. However, I post the full amount of each donation on the donations page. Then at the end of the Boobie-Thon (as my husband and I also did last year), we donate the total amount that PayPal has deducted to "break even" and give Komen the published amount on the site. Currently, we will already be out of pocket over $250.00 USD from PayPal's cuts. So basically, the two offset each other. For more information on PayPal's deductions, visit their site.

posted by: robyn on 10.05.03 at 11:39 AM [permalink]

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