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Saturday, October 4, 2003

When I originally launched this project, I intended for it to run the entire month of October (during Breast Cancer Awareness Month). However, I never expected it to take on the magnitude and scope that it has this year. I am not complaining, don't get me wrong. What we've managed to accomplish since October 1st has been simply amazing.

However, it has become a full-time job since Wednesday taking donations, editing photos, and updating the site continually. There is just no way with real life -- and real work -- to also be done, that I can continue at this pace for 31 straight days. (This doesn't even take into account that I'm also pregnant right now, and energy is in very short supply.)

So after much careful and thoughtful consideration overnight, I have decided that we will wrap donations and submissions a week from today -- Saturday, October 11th at 11:59 p.m. EDT. We're already on pace to more than double what we earned last year, and I think that's something we can all be proud of.

I hope everyone can understand and respect my decision. It was not one I made lightly -- I had to take into account what is best for myself (and my family). Thank you so much for your continued support! Let's make this final week ahead one that won't be soon forgotten!

posted by robyn on 10.04.03 at 07:54 AM


How could we not understand? What your doin is absolutely amazing. Even if you stopped today we'd all still love ya!

posted by: C.C. on 10.04.03 at 07:56 AM [permalink]

Thank you SO much!

posted by: robyn on 10.04.03 at 08:07 AM [permalink]

I agree with C.C. What you have done is so giving, and to even spend 5 minutes doing anything for this cause it just wonderful. There will be so many people who appreciate what you have done to try to help them!

(In the meantime, if there is anything I could do to help, please let me know...)

posted by: Adelle on 10.04.03 at 08:36 AM [permalink]

double the donations.. i'd say it's a job well-done already. :)

posted by: Jenna on 10.04.03 at 09:17 AM [permalink]

You took a lot of work onto yourself for an excellent cause, Robyn, and to run the Boobie-thon for a shortened time is still effort that goes far above and beyond. Thank you!

posted by: DW on 10.04.03 at 09:32 AM [permalink]

I think you're absolutely incredible for putting so much of your time into this. I'm sure that everyone will understand your decision to stop, your family comes *first* (and so does taking care of yourself!). Please let me know if you need any help at all.. I'd be happy to edit photos or whatever..

posted by: Tanya on 10.04.03 at 09:38 AM [permalink]

OK seriously? I sit here proud to call myself a friend to someone who's spent a lot of time raising over 3 THOUSAND dollars for charity, in a very short time. C.C is right, this has been amazing, and we all would understand if you had to stop today.

Robyn, you kick much ass.

posted by: Annessa on 10.04.03 at 09:42 AM [permalink]

I don't blame ya, Robyn. We raised more than the amount that we were looking for in four days, that's awesome! You're doing a great job and don't worry about us not lovin' ya, who could not love ya after all this?? :)

posted by: tricia on 10.04.03 at 09:57 AM [permalink]

If you stopped right now I would have to say that you have gone soooo far above and beyond to do a fantastic thing! I bet this next week will be a doozy!

Take care of yourself and the baby!


posted by: ktpupp on 10.04.03 at 10:28 AM [permalink]

I think a 7 day drive should cover it, if you plan to do it next year. You are the best! *kisses for Nathan*

posted by: queen on 10.04.03 at 10:59 AM [permalink]

Is there anything some of us could do to help?

posted by: halla on 10.04.03 at 11:15 AM [permalink]

Thanks so much to everyone for their offers to help! I really appreciate it!

Honestly, at this point there's not much people can do. I've got it down to a system pretty much. But other than give people access to my bank account at PayPal and e-mail account, it's going to involve me sending something to you -- then you sending something back to me -- and in the end, that doesn't really solve anything. It just doubles the e-mail. So while I really appreciate the offers, there's really no "easy" solution at hand.

Thanks again for being so understanding!

posted by: robyn on 10.04.03 at 11:30 AM [permalink]

you have doen somuch already and raised so much moeny this is awesome!!!! you your hubby and baby come first..always no matter what!

*so proud of you* jsut for who you are.


posted by: fae on 10.04.03 at 01:14 PM [permalink]

What they said.
Infinity + 1.

posted by: Mikey2 on 10.04.03 at 03:03 PM [permalink]

Start crackin' the whip on monkey-boy over there.... ;)

posted by: sphinx on 10.04.03 at 08:26 PM [permalink]


Having been through two pregnancies myself, I heartily salute you for taking this extra effort on. Thank you so much for the sacrifice you and your family have made to help this happen. I wish you a safe, uneventful pregnancy and delivery, and a healthy, happy, beautiful baby (or two? three?).

posted by: Dana on 10.04.03 at 08:50 PM [permalink]

See, you just rock so much, even if you stopped right now, we'd all love you and have so much admiration to pass your way!!! :) Thank you SOOO much for everything you are doing. :) I agree wholeheartedly with Annessa - I'm full of pride to be your friend!!

posted by: kristine on 10.05.03 at 03:34 AM [permalink]

Already you done SO much! I don't think there is anyone who would blame you!

Take care of you & your baby!

posted by: Sweety on 10.05.03 at 05:21 AM [permalink]

best wishes

posted by: lawn greengrass on 10.09.03 at 11:04 AM [permalink]

Ever since my best friend's mom died of breast cancer 4 years ago I've made a habit of donating to a breast cancer charity every year. This has been by far the coolest charity I've ever donated to! What a great cause, and what a fun way to raise money. I'll be back next year ... hope Boobiethon will be too!
Thanks a million Robin.

posted by: Todd R on 10.09.03 at 01:48 PM [permalink]

You da bomb diggety, fo shizzle. ;) $6k is nothing to sneeze at.

posted by: Joelle on 10.10.03 at 12:22 AM [permalink]

Great work for a great cause.

posted by: Karl on 10.12.03 at 11:50 AM [permalink]

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