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Friday, October 3, 2003

I try to do a little nice in this world... My host is currently having to deal with Denial of Service attacks across all servers because of this.

Nevermind they've already been working around the clock today going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure things run as smoothly as humanly possible in order to keep the site online, now they have to deal with the following as well:

"We are currently battling what amounts to a DOS attack that appears to have grown from a listing at FARK for a domain hosted on boreas earlier. This is creating some significant issues with lags to all servers. Please be patient as we work to deflect this and return to our normal traffic patterns."

That just isn't right. This is a charity drive they're going after. Yes, FARK URLs were blocked from this URL -- but did it really warrant this? Or the call in the forums for someone to donate $50.00 so that they can post the passwords for the pay-per-boobie site as revenge? Grow up people. What goes around, comes around.

Anyone know how I can PayPal my host a beer...or twelve? I'm terribly sorry you're having to deal with this! -Robyn

posted by robyn on 10.03.03 at 05:35 PM


geezus, what a bunch of losers (like we didn't already know that). well, it shouldn't come as a surprise - i mean, they all like Wil.

posted by: mikey on 10.03.03 at 06:18 PM [permalink]

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