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Friday, October 3, 2003
Please continue to hold...

Well that was fun. If you've noticed the site suddenly running as slow-ass as molasses this afternoon, that's because we got FARKed. Now last year, when this happened (and we got 75,000 hits in the first hour alone from FARK) my host was able to swoop in and correct the problem within minutes. They were on top of things instantly this year but I guess the load was just too heavy.

So rather than take the site down, I put in an .htaccess file to redirect the FARK traffic straight to With comments like this -- I'm not so sure they'll miss us (or even bother to donate) anyway:

"Problem with this is, most female bloggers I've ever known have the sort of breasts you want breast cancer to take away. We're computer nerds, for Christ's sake, there's a reason we surf for supermodels."

Hence the problem of giving 14-year olds internet access in mom's basement. So hopefully now we're back to your regularly scheduled programming... Good thing I pay extra for unlimited bandwidth each month!

posted by robyn on 10.03.03 at 02:40 PM

Comments: was me who submitted your site to FARK. I'm sorry I caused any grief, I figured it was a valid cause and that the publicity wouldn't hurt. I didn't figure on knocking you offline. :(

Anyway, keep up the good work, let's hope at least 1% of Farkers donate!


posted by: Greg on 10.03.03 at 03:40 PM [permalink]

Also...please ignore the retards on Fark. Your assumption of them being 14-year olds is probably correct. Not all of us are idiots who will bash anything good in the world.

posted by: Greg on 10.03.03 at 03:45 PM [permalink]

No apologies needed. It was easier just to redirect.

I have nothing against the majority of FARK'ers, btw. I'm a member of TotalFark myself.

I purposely didn't submit the URL this year because last year we got over 200,000 hits from FARK -- and best we could tell not a single donation. Not worth the bandwidth it costs my host. They mostly want porn-boobies over there anyway. I'd be very interested to see what they actually marry one day... ;-)

posted by: robyn on 10.03.03 at 04:10 PM [permalink]

I see that Robyn already made the comment that I was going to make -- that "real" boobs don't often look like pron boobs.

I'd venture to guess that if there is ever a "penises for prostate cancer" campaign, that most of those fark men wouldn't "measure up", either. ;)

posted by: doctorfrau on 10.03.03 at 07:42 PM [permalink]

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