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Thursday, October 2, 2003

Lots of updates before I wrap things up for the night...

First things first -- we have now exceeded our total donations for the Boobie-Thon 2002. Last year we earned $1610.00 total and sent $1251.00 to Komen. In just two days this year, we've already raised a whopping $1670.00 $1721.00 -- and currently $1311.00 $1362.00 will be going to Komen! So pat yourselves on the backs. I couldn't have done this without ALL of you!

Next -- I've added eighteen new boobie images to the photos page this evening, and one new man-rack. I've also added one new image to the "pay-per-boobie" page.

And lastly -- any photos and donations submitted after this posting will go up tomorrow. Thanks again everyone -- and please make sure to check back for what promises to be a very interesting weekend around here! -Robyn

posted by robyn on 10.02.03 at 11:05 PM


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