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Thursday, October 2, 2003
It takes two, baby!

[boobies 52]

[boobies 54]

[boobies 51]

[boobies 55]

[boobies 53]

And the following 1024x768 wallpaper images from last year are up
for grabs if you e-mail me (sorry, Boobie Thon has ended). Just let
me know which number from the following you'd like.

[boobie papers]

posted by robyn on 10.02.03 at 08:15 PM


Man those are some good looking racks. I'm starting to think I need a boob job. I'm so jealous. :)

posted by: Wench on 10.02.03 at 09:04 PM [permalink]

Don't be jealous. Big boobies are way more trouble than they are worth. Trust me, if I could give some of mine away I would.

posted by: rack participant on 10.02.03 at 09:49 PM [permalink]

You don't want the back pain. Small is just as good as big. :)

posted by: Mikey2 on 10.02.03 at 10:28 PM [permalink]

I'm more in awe of how some of them just seem to defy the laws of physics and gravity?!?

posted by: Kitty on 10.02.03 at 11:09 PM [permalink]

Those wonderful globes
Beauty in diversity
Always perfect size!

Boobie haiku by ME!

posted by: Merlin on 10.03.03 at 08:17 AM [permalink]

Your right mikey2 I don't want the back pain. I was in a moment of pure and utter lustfullness after some yummy lookin boobs. If I remember right my boyfriend said to me after such comment "Anything more than a mouthful is a waste". Gotta love a man for tryin to suck up to ya once in a while. :D

posted by: Wench on 10.03.03 at 05:19 PM [permalink]

Suck up...or just suck? :D

posted by: Mikey2 on 10.03.03 at 07:53 PM [permalink]

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