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Thursday, October 2, 2003
Rock the vote

Someone has already started a little contest for the Boobie-Thon photos -- the theme is "sexiest navel".

"I am hereby going to pledge to give $20 for each one to get 5 (five) votes prior to noon on October 2, 2003. So get busy and start voting...And of course, if all three get 5 votes, then my donation will qualify me to go view the pay-per-boobie page."

Time is money. Get on over there and cast your vote!

Donation totals are currently at $910.00. Many more photos to follow later this morning, so stay tuned...

posted by robyn on 10.02.03 at 07:58 AM


#1 has five votes now!

posted by: Chari on 10.02.03 at 09:40 AM [permalink]

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