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Wednesday, October 1, 2003
Let's do the timewarp again

The photos page has three new images and the "pay-per-boobies" page has two new ones. Go have a look-see -- or donate so you can if you haven't given $50.00 or more for the pay-site yet.

Any photos and donations submitted after this posting will go up tomorrow. I've been at this about 11 hours now and I need a break from my inbox. Huge thanks and kudos to everyone who's linked, donated, and participated! It completely amazes me that in less than one day, we've raised almost half of the entire Boobie-Thon take from last year!

Stay tuned Thursday... More exciting things to follow, I'm sure! -Robyn

posted by robyn on 10.01.03 at 10:33 PM


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