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Wednesday, October 1, 2003
5...4...3...2...1... And liftoff!

The photos page is now live with the first round of photos submitted. (Photos are accepted through 10/11.) And don't forget that we also have a private, passworded pay-per-boobie site with bare-boobie photos already set up for donors of $50.00 or more. So what you see isn't all of what you (might) get -- we have a high-rollers club!

We appreciate you stopping by this year's Boobie-Thon, and thanks so much for your donation! Please accept our sincerest thank you's...

posted by robyn on 10.01.03 at 12:11 AM


Two entries that pinged this post and accidentally got deleted:

A Good Cause
Excerpt: Wednesday is the big day. It's the Blogger BoobieThon 2003 to benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation....
Weblog: Wizbang
Tracked: September 30, 2003 11:38 PM

Boobiethon 2003
Excerpt: I'm taking part. Hang tight for a shot of da boobies - specifically, mine - they will be covered, I'm not THAT brave sorry. UPDATE (before I've even posted this, how droll): I need a frickin' digital camera. SK can't...
Weblog: The (mis)Adventures of Spreegirl
Tracked: October 1, 2003 12:07 AM

posted by: robyn on 10.01.03 at 12:17 AM [permalink]

I do, want to state for the record: That while I feel these two causes are very important... I just come here to read the articles.

Best of luck ladies... GO KICK SOME BUTT!

posted by: -=e=- on 10.01.03 at 09:43 AM [permalink]

This is a wonderful cause, I wish you good luck, and hope people donate generously.

Sorry about the trackback, something went wrong, and it directs to my old site for some reason.

posted by: Lynne on 10.01.03 at 11:58 AM [permalink]

I've shown my breasts for worse causes than this! I will donate some boobies for a good cause! and will be forwarding this site to all the "boobie-lovers" i know :-)

posted by: -=Diana=-- on 10.07.03 at 08:32 AM [permalink]

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